No Respect for Teachers in the USA. Why?

Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2011 05:33 pm
@reasoning logic,
You don't think that guy is just a little bit loco? I was only able to stomach about 30 minutes of it, but he clearly has issues. Here's just a little of what he says...

*Obama is a British agent. (He brings this up multiple times).
*Obama is clearly insane and we need to get rid of him under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.
*Gov. Christie and Gov. Walker are fascist pigs (he's an equal opportunity hater).
*Environmentalists caused the world wide food shortage which has led to a hyperinflationary breakdown crisis and we're looking at the collapse of civilization before Christmas, 2012.
*If Obama stays in office, the U.S. is finished this year and there won't be an election in 2012.
*Wall Street is an affliction that needs to be wiped out and when it is, the States will be saved by the Feds.
*If we don't pass the Glass Steagall Act, the U.S. will go under and then Europe will go under.
*Brazil is already finished.
*Great Britain has ordered Obama (a Brit agent) to NOT enact Glass Steagall reform (he works for them).
*The British monarchy is plotting to reduce world wide population from 7B to 2B (doesn't say who needs to die).
*When we 'cancel' Obama we can bring back the space program!
*Bunch of stuff about Napoleon and the French Revolution that for reasons of sanity I've managed to block.
reasoning logic
Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2011 03:02 pm
Thank you for the reality check!
I do have to admit that what he talks about is "bazaar in a way, but I do think that he is seeing something that is happening to a degree but he does not know for certain what it is he is seeing in my opinion!

I study groups of people and their way of thinking and this is a group that I have only studied for a few hours so I really can not say much about them!

This type of thinking can be found all around the world but others may name other reasons for the problems that they are seeing.

I do think that he may be onto something but I can not speak empirically about it because I am not an empirical person for the most part.

He also does use some language that you have mentioned that I think may do him more justice if he elaborated on it because if you listen to him longer it seems to me that he uses these terms as a figure of speech.
When one takes these terms literally like you have they can be discouraged from the start and not continue listening.

Here are others that seem to support some of his claims that you have mentioned!




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reasoning logic
Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2011 04:46 pm
Are the teachers aware of what is happening around the world or they just worried about their selves?

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Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2011 05:56 pm
Speaking of what's happening around the world: Today, the New York Times reports that PISA, the OECD organization dedicated to comparing educational systems around the world, is concerned that---drum roll---teachers in the United States ought to get more respect, lest their country fall further behind the rest of the developed world. Here are two excerpts:

“Teaching in the U.S. is unfortunately no longer a high-status occupation,” Mr. Schleicher says in the report, prepared in advance of an educational conference that opens in New York on Wednesday. “Despite the characterization of some that teaching is an easy job, with short hours and summers off, the fact is that successful, dedicated teachers in the U.S. work long hours for little pay and, in many cases, insufficient support from their leadership.”


Raising teachers’ status is not mainly about raising salaries, the report says, but pay is a factor.

According to O.E.C.D. data, the average salary of a veteran elementary teacher here was $44,172 in 2008, higher than the average of $39,426 across all O.E.C.D countries (the figures were converted to compare the purchasing power of each currency).

But that salary level was 40 percent below the average salary of other American college graduates. In Finland, by comparison, the veteran teacher’s salary was 13 percent less than that of the average college graduate’s.

Here's the rest of the article: U.S. Is Urged to Raise Teachers’ Status
Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2011 06:03 pm
I'd say 'well, duh' but I've thought that for years. I'm afraid I put that down to the many years when it was considered what women did. I don't know the data re percentage of male and female teachers in grades 1-12 or the european system, what is it, A levels?, but I experienced the general understanding that that and nursing were the most possible roles for women when I entered university in 1960. That changed with the civil rights movement, but even after that popular opinion would categorize. That's not a chip on my feminist shoulder but plain old observation.
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reasoning logic
Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2011 06:55 pm
very interesting!

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Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2011 05:18 am

I remember when I was a kid in public schools.
If a teacher was authoritarian with any of the students,
I used to think: he is working for US; we are not working for HIM.

We KNOW who is paying whom.

reasoning logic
Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2011 03:19 pm
That is a good point! If a teacher was authoritarian when I was in school I lost all respect for them and was not interested in anything they had to teach I thought that they must have had some sort of personality disorder!
Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2011 03:28 pm
@reasoning logic,
reasoning logic wrote:
That is a good point! If a teacher was authoritarian when I was in school I lost all respect for them
and was not interested in anything they had to teach I thought that they must have had some sort of personality disorder!
I can 't agree with that entirely because it is possible that the most HORRIBLE person
(e.g., Marx, Stalin or Jack the Ripper) might possess some information
that we find to be of great value -- a significant asset, regardless of its source.

reasoning logic
Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2011 03:42 pm
I do understand your point but when I was a child it seemed that some teachers had excessive authoritarian personalities.

I learned the most from those who seem to try the hardest to let me know they were my friend and understood that I was not meaning to be disruptive!

It is amazing how far a teacher may get when they let the children know they care about them and are not there to hammer knowledge into the children's heads!
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