Reply Mon 22 Dec, 2003 10:47 pm
I need dog bone advice.

When I first got my dog from the shelter, I was surprised that he didn't like any little doggie treats. I think he had never run across them before. After a few visits at houses where other dogs lived, he started to catch on to liking little treats. I also learned that some "dog bones" are good for keeping dog's teeth and gums relatively healthy.

My dog dearly loves, you should pardon me, pig and cow hooves, and other such material found in pet stores. However, he's choked on the chewn down pieces, and while it is easy enough to extract them if I am there, I still worry. So, I have searched, and found a nice big inexpensive bag of Country Prime large dog bisquits. The day I brought them home he ate one right up, oh, good. Another day he did too. But, alas, now if I give him one he paces the house relentlessly, looking at me with a jaundiced eye as if I will grab it from him. If worse comes to worse he will pummel his doggy cushion to make a ridge to sort of fold over it to hide it. I have found them under cushions, and so on. But but but, I want him to EAT them.

What is the deal here. Do they need to be smaller so he doesn't treat them like a complete treasure?
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Reply Mon 22 Dec, 2003 10:54 pm
I'd like to know myself. We gave my dog a couple of rawhide chews. She hid them somewhere. Try as I might I can't figure it out - Yet, she gets them readily enough whenever she wants a chew. Fortunately, she eats any and everything.
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 07:02 am

I acquired (against my better judgement) a dog who had never had little treats and treasures. His first Christmas morning with us, he opened his packages with great glee, piled his new bone and his new ball and his new chewies all in one place and went to sleep with his paws around his goodies.

At present I have a persnickety pit bull, thoroughly spoiled by Mr. Noddy, who deigns to accept dog biscuits for breakfast and high tea and then stashes them here and there through the house.

Your foundling is probably saving his treats for a Day of Great Hunger (or Other Emergency). Buy or download a rendition of "It ain't gonna rain no more, no more," to soothe you and praise the pup for thrift.
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 07:58 am
Noddy24- Hey, your doggie is one smart cookie. He is "saving for a rainy day", which is more than you can say about some people! Laughing
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 09:58 am
Jake the Mastiff used to save for a rainy day. About 2 years after he passed away, we found an old chewie in the window seat cushion. Good dog.
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 12:30 pm
Yes, Pacco is wiser than his mistress.

I am thinking of trying a batch of the tiny ones, bet he'll eat those. This trial and error business is getting expensive, but the lad is deserving!
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 02:31 pm
Well, he puts up with the floppy green bow and all.
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Reply Tue 23 Dec, 2003 07:22 pm
Given that his mistress, guardian, whate'er you call us'n, is not your greatest christmas enthusiast, and that the whole avatar is kind of free fulgence conjured by m'friend Onyxelle with my amused OK and actual gratitude, once I got used to it, you gotta say my dog is patient on occasion.
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