Be a doctor. Help me figure out what my symptoms could mean.

Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 06:06 pm
For about three years I've had chronic stomach aches. I usually just ignored them and took something like Pepto-Bismal to settle the pain a bit. Recently, around July of 2009, I could not handle the constant pain anymore, so I went and saw a doctor. Three of them actually, because none of them could find what was wrong. I finally got fed up with seeing doctors, and just listened to what the third one said, and went on my way. (He said that my stomach is producing too much acid, and that it's burning the lining of my stomach, creating stomach pain. Then he prescribed me some medicine to control all of that.)
Besides that happening, I've also had insomnia for about two years, and right around the same time I went to the doctors for my stomach pain, I went to get medicine to help me sleep properly.
These past few months, I've been noting that I'm extremely weak, where I can't even carry one bag of groceries. It feels like I've been getting weaker and weaker, and this morning, I couldn't even hold myself up. The best way that I can describe it as, is when a baby is first born, how they need to be help up or propped up because they'll fall over if they aren't~ well, that's how I felt.
Amongst that, I've also been feeling extremely fatigued, and have been wanting to go to bed earlier, and take naps, even with out my sleeping pills. I find this extremely odd, because just 6 months ago, I couldn't fall asleep when I was given anesthesia at the hospital.
I've stopped talking my stomach medicine, and my sleeping pills, hoping that my weakness would go away, but it never did.

There's one other thing. Last Thursday (January 6th.) I was in a small car crash. I never saw doctor attention (because I can't stand doctors; hence why it took me so long to see one the first time for my stomach problems.) but I've had a 5 day migraine, starting from right after the crash, and my weakness has been getting worse. I'm not sure if my migraine has to do with the fact that I was in a crash, but I got the migraine right after it happened. Within about an hour. (Coincidence?)

Anyways, I hope that's enough explanations of what's going on with me for anyone to try and help me out, or give me some ideas of what it could be, and if I should be worried about any of this or not.
I want to, at all costs, AVOID going to the doctors. So please don't recommend me to "just go see one."
Thank you so much; and don't be afraid to type too much.
Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 06:12 pm
I don't think this sounds like the playing doctor I remember. Shocked

nothing that I think might be wrong with you is able to be left untreated.

go see one, please...
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Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 06:14 pm
Doctors vary.

Did you go to a university medical center? In the US, medical school centers have clinics, besides staff doctors. I'm familiar with a couple of those clinics as a lab tech working with one, and as a patient in another. From the first of those I caught on that working out a diagnosis is important in the medical culture. The clinics I know/knew have weekly meetings where the docs talk about patient symptoms and challenge each other on treatment.
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Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 06:34 pm
So -did you take the Nexium or whatever acid reducer was recommended?

Also, re: your auto accident. Have you ever had an MRI of the abdomen?

The last thing is stress. My stomach has felt like it has literally "flipped" due to stress.
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Green Witch
Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 06:42 pm
I would suggest you start with a psychiatrist. Your problems very well may be physical, but I think you have some mental issues you need to confront first. You come to a random place on the internet and ask medical advice for serious symptoms from total strangers, yet you reject all doctors. You probably need tests for things like diabetes, allergies, lead poisoning etc or maybe you are a hypocondriac who just likes to talk about perceived problems. I think you have to fix your fear of modern medicine before tackling anything else.
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Reply Tue 11 Jan, 2011 07:42 pm
I want to, at all costs, AVOID going to the doctors. So please don't recommend me to "just go see one."

Don't be ridiculous. You need to see a doctor - and/or take Green Witch's advice. This is not the place to seek serious medical advice.
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Reply Wed 12 Nov, 2014 04:40 am
Go to a doctor now! What you're saying is just like going to a bar, hearing some bad band play there and decide you'll never listen to music again because bands are so bad!

Chronic stomach aches are usually a result of a stomach ulcer, which is caused in vast majority of cases by the Helicobacter pylori germ. Your doctor can do a test and if positive, administer antibiotics. Some other usual cases of ulcers include also side effects of some medications.

As for the headaches, the migraines can be triggered by head and neck injury (which is the most common injury in car crashes - even very light ones).

My advice: go to a doctor immediately.

Have a great day.
Reply Wed 3 Dec, 2014 08:00 pm
Firstly, this is inactive thread. You're replying to someone who has 4 yrs ago left this site.
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