What would you-person next to you on a plane acting nervous/odd?

Reply Mon 13 Dec, 2010 03:10 pm
I had to travel today for work. I got on the plane and a guy was in my seat. I nicely told him that my seat (I'm not sitting in the middle since this seat was reserved a month ago for me).

He apoligizes and moves over. Then I noticed some writing on his hand. He seems all agitated and nervous. I find his blackberry he dropped and this seems to stress him further. He keeps checking his bag under the seat in front of him. He is acting really suspicious.

I start thinking I'm going to let the flight attendant know. It is really beginning to freak me out. I am pondering this in my head and keeping my eye on him (from the corner of my eye of course). We roll out from the gate - I figure it is too late to notify a flight attendant and something keeps me from it. I plan on jumping him or using the point of my shoe to wack in his head if he tries anything.

He keeps reaching into his bag so I blurt out - what do you have in that bag? He says .......a cat! Then we begin talking pets.

Am a paranoid or what - thank goodness I didn't report him - I think he was nervous about his pet.
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Reply Mon 13 Dec, 2010 03:24 pm
hmmm...as far as how I would respond to him being nervous, I guess I'd have to have been there. There's all kinds of nervous
Maybe he was also nervous about flying.

I know several people that just refuse to get on a plane. Also, over the years I've been amazed how many people I've sat next to, that this was his first flight.

A cat?

Was it knocked out? I can't imagine a cat not screaming bloody murder on a plane.

Good question linkat.

Reply Mon 13 Dec, 2010 03:31 pm
Well to tell the truth I still kept my eye on him and it did appear as if he was stroking a cat or other small animal. I figured if I chatted with him, I'd get a better sense if he was just a nervous flyer or pet owner rather than a terrorist reaching in his bag to detonate a bomb or something.

Its hard to describe his nervous/odd behavior, but I've not seen anyone act that odd. However, it could have also been my wild imagination.

I asked that too - about the cat. I told him my cats would be freaking out - he said his cat is pretty laid back and has flown with him before - the cat just does not like the subway. He said he was traveling for the holidays and didn't have anyone that could take care of his cat.
Reply Mon 13 Dec, 2010 03:52 pm
You know, there was a guy I used to see from time to time back around a half century ago. Odd one, he was. He rode a bicycle and carried a shoe box around in the basket. Sometimes, he would reach inside and pet something. I once got a look through the hole, and it looked like a hot water bottle in there. Somehow, this was not as reassuring as you might think.

Moral: if you don't see the cat, you don't know there is a cat.
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