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Gluten Intolerant Chick (GIC) – I am a 42-year old women who has lived a hard life, now looking for revenge on the world. The best way to do so is to remove all the flour and wheat from the earth. Using my epic strength and ability to see what a child is doing behind my back (aka having eyes on the back of my head), I aim to eliminate my arch nemesis -- the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Chef Boyardee.
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Wed 22 May, 2019 12:09 pm - [quote="kaylie-the-cutter"] thank you for having concerns for me but sometimes life is really hard...especially for a younger person as i am and it hurts to know that my loved one may be... (view)
Wed 22 May, 2019 12:07 pm - [quote="kaylie-the-cutter"] how do you hide cuts on your wrist...i dont want my parents seeing them [/quote] Please, please tell your parents. They can help you get the help you need... (view)
Wed 22 May, 2019 11:59 am - I don't know - I think he was kind of cute --- in that old man cute kind of way. (view)
Wed 8 May, 2019 12:03 pm - Why do the royals pick such god-awful names? Archie really? It is a good thing that kid has royal blood to carry it off. I expected something strong sounding (view)
Wed 8 May, 2019 11:36 am - [quote="Yoinker"] Flowers, a card, and my smile over lunch. :) [/quote] You ingrate - cheapskate -- ok you are out of the will! I'd rather have the cash and a smirk! (seeing I... (view)
Wed 8 May, 2019 11:33 am - [quote="tsarstepan"] [img][/img] [/quote] I never gave my kids ham in a can. I've even fed them lobster... (view)
Wed 8 May, 2019 09:48 am - [quote="xioahua"] I have been thinking about what gift to buy my mother these days. What gifts did you buy? [/quote] Hard cold cash - and alot of it. As an idea of how much just... (view)
Tue 7 May, 2019 06:22 am - This sounds very much like homework - reach out to your teacher if you are unsure how to approach this problem so when you complete your stats class you would have learned something. (view)
Tue 7 May, 2019 06:14 am - Direct answer -- of course this is my opinion and based on what you supplied here - you are wrong. She might not have made the most appropriate decision to invite him but I can understand why... (view)
Tue 7 May, 2019 04:54 am - [quote="roger"] Federal? I've had to deal with the NM Motor Vehicle Division. Top that! [/quote] I was kind of referring to any government employee - I found either to... (view)
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