mugworm griblick?

Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2010 09:12 am
Mr. Kidswatter, the principal, calls Eric into his office, though there are 3 Erics. So Mrs. Jewls sends each Eric in one by one. He indirectly accuses each boy of writing an insulting comment about him at a barber shop. It says: "Mr. Kidswatter is a mugworm griblick."

So, what is mugworm griblick? I'm trying to translate it into Chinese.
Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2010 09:38 am
I'm guessing it's some nonsense phrase made up for the occasion.
Region Philbis
Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2010 10:19 am

wasn't that the name of this guy's character in LOTR?

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Reply Sun 12 Dec, 2010 11:22 am
It is a nonsense phrase, meant to be interpreted as a insult, used by Louis Sachar, the author of "The Sideways Stories From Wayside School" series of books, which is where this comes from. Once again, no source or context given by the OP. [rolls eyes]

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Reply Mon 18 May, 2020 10:35 am
I think it means something inaproprite
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