Do you think Japanese women are sexy/lovable?

Reply Thu 30 Sep, 2010 01:35 pm
stevenya wrote:

How can I deal with it?

The way we all deal with our weaknesses.. We deny them, work on them, wear them on our shirts like a badge of courage, or let them destroy us.... What do you want to do...
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NoOne phil
Reply Sat 30 Oct, 2010 12:02 pm
stevenya wrote:

What is your opinion?

Show me, in the definition of a woman, that the class is divided by culture, race, color, creed, or any other damn thing.
Do you love a woman, or do you love a womans skin, or stature, or what the hell ever?

How in the hell can one imagine that they can think, when they don't even know when their mind is one which topic?
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