40 day water fasting

Reply Wed 22 Sep, 2010 11:13 am

I started a water fast on Sept 17, so on my 6th day now. Mainly, it's for health and weight issue. For the majority of my life, I had been overweight and been having difficulties losing the many horrible habits. Prior to the fast, I was running every other day in attempt to get better and saw some improvements in length and speed overtime, but it's the eating habits that always get to me. I been eating the same way for 15+ years and I can never seem to get away from it, so I decided I needed one hard swift kick in the pants and so I decided to embark on this long journey.

First 3 days were the toughest. The stomach begging, the mind going through every possible food you can get within seconds. I isolated myself in my room doing anything that would take my focus away.

And now on the 6th day, the belly had settled completely and it seemed like the storm has passed. So far it's just the mental challenge that gets in the way time to time, the thought of food makes me imagine eating it. But other than that, it's all going well. I started out 214.5 pounds and has of this morning, I am 203.2 pounds.

So anyone have any experience, short or long term fasting?
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40 days? I think it'll be a 30 day fast.

This is not me questioning your resolve. This is me thinking you're gonna die by day 30 and I am not being flip about this. It is an unbelievably stupid way to lose weight.

Sorry if you don't wanna hear that. And don't tell me you can't lose any other way -- I am living proof that you can (and don't say I don't know about major weight loss. I've lost 145 pounds).

Tell your doctor, who will tell you the same thing I am, that this is insane, and ask your doctor what you should be doing.

I am sorry this is harsh and I realize you are desperate, but you are driving a car without brakes on a crowded highway. This is a way to do serious damage to yourself. It is incredibly foolish.
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Green Witch
Reply Wed 22 Sep, 2010 12:22 pm
It is an unbelievably stupid way to lose weight.

I totally agree with Jespah. It's also the fastest way to gain weight. Your body slows down your metabolism to handle the crisis and once you go back to food you're going to find you gain weight faster than ever before even if eating less food than before. That change can be permanent. The only way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet of unprocessed foods in moderation and stay active. Gimmicks like this just doom you to fail.
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Reply Wed 22 Sep, 2010 12:34 pm
For an extended fast, I would make up the vegetable concoction Dr Breuss dreamt up for cancer patients. That way you would get some nutrients without filling up. Just search his name and you will find the info. I once fasted for 28 days with his method. I would have made the forty, but I got to laboring in some 100 degree weather and it did me in.
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