Excessive sweating and body odors

Reply Sun 28 Feb, 2010 01:00 pm
Hi I'm a 21 year old female. i suffered and is still suffering from excessive sweating for the past one year. on top of that, i recently suffered from mild body odor as well, mainly at the back and armpit regions. i used deodorant (i used Rexona anti-perspiration deodorant spray, it helped with the armpit odor a little. but the odor at the back of my body still persist).since puberty and i always put on perfumes. this excessive sweating and body odor only occurred recently, i used to sweat a lot when i was younger but there was no body odor. these 'disorders' irritates me much and it made my self esteem plunged. i am a little embarrassed to even hug my friends. hope you could help me out here. thanks.
Reply Sun 28 Feb, 2010 02:43 pm
You should see your doctor and have your hormone levels checked. Sounds to me like they are out of balance.
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Robert Gentel
Reply Sun 28 Feb, 2010 04:51 pm
I have mild hyperhidrosis and though I don't suffer from body odor I don't like that any physical activity causes me to sweat and I find that deodorants can irritate my skin pretty badly. So I researched different solutions for antiperspirants and here is what I found out:

Topical antiperspirant: this is like your basic deodorant, though you can get stronger versions of it for use across your body. This basically works by irritating your skin to close the pores.

Iontophoresis: this is a treatment with electric shocks, and it won't be practical for your back.

Injections and Surgery: Botox injections and surgery (usually to cut certain nerves) is a relatively new treatment but can have harmful side effects (including even more sweating).

Oral Antiperspirant: There are pills you can take to reduce sweating. I used to occasionally use a glycopyrrolate pill (Avert is the brand I had bought, but that was years ago) and I can tell you that it worked much better than anything else for me. The side effect was dry-mouth though but they worked very well as an antiperspirant.

For your type of sweating this is what I would recommend, and it is available over the counter (I can try to dig up where I had bought it if you want).

Right now I just use regular deodorants, but they still occasionally irritate my skin, and while there is no perfect solution I thought the glycopyrrolate came close during the time that I used it. Right now though I just switch up between mild deodorants when they start to irritate my skin.
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Reply Sun 28 Feb, 2010 10:46 pm
Please, if you haven't already, see a doctor. Sweating is one thing but I would think odor with the sweating could be some inner problem, even infection.
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Reply Mon 1 Mar, 2010 07:17 am
Diet may have something to do with the odor.
Garlic and alcohol can come right out in the sweat.
Eat lots of veggies.
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