Christmas tree ornaments

Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 12:31 pm
I wish I'd waited a bit to put up a tree. Mo insits it "makes his brain hurt" to see
presents he can't open.

That's why I never read the Victoria's Secret catalog.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 12:44 pm
saab wrote:

to-morrow I will buy our tree. We Swedes usually don´t put up the tree until the 23rd. But I am almost finished with the house decorations

Here in Germany - obviously we don't have such a long tradition with Christmas trees Wink - the tree is decorated on Christmas Eve: that's when the fir becomes a Christmas tree [see: O fir tree, o fir tree, how green are your leaves ...].

(Unfortunately the "tradition" to sell trees cheaper from noon on Christmas Eve onwards got a Capitalistic change: they are sold all days [that's from about this weekend onwards] for the same price. Unsold trees are chaffed later.)
Walter Hinteler
Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 12:57 pm
@Walter Hinteler,
The Christmas ornaments we had at home in childhood were from the 19th century, glass bulbs from Lauscha (where Christmas bulbs were invented in 1847), formed like nuts and fir cone. But they were partly broken (they's 'survived' the bombing of my grandparent's home), not too shiny anymore ... and reminded my father too much of his killed family. So they were thrown away ... as was the tinsel (which still had been wrapped in 19th century newspapers ...
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 04:05 pm
Perhaps the ornaments on this Christmas tree* might be some inspiration ..


* Dortmund Christmas market with the largest Christmas tree in the world, made up of 1,700 red fir trees from the forests in the nearby Sauerland mountains. [45 meters (147 feet) high, weighs 30 tons, lit up by 40,000 lights, crowning angel weighs 200 kilos (440 pounds).]
Some A2K'ers saw the previous 'models' but didn't copy it for home use ...
Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 07:09 pm
@Walter Hinteler,
Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 12:49 am
we dont really do much of a chritmas tree but mumpad gets a few decorations out each year for around the house. this year we have new Gel gems. They are soft and "stick" to windows and mirrors and the like.
Also there are bells in the kitchen doorway. evertime you walk through the door your head jostles the bells.

Mumpad made a stuffed xmas tree which sits on the coffee table.
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Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 01:56 am
@Walter Hinteler,
The 23rd is called LIttle ChristmasEve. There are special programs on TV and in the radio. It is an evening to wrapped the gifts, do the last things or see relatives and friends you don´t see for Christmas.
The 24th in Sweden we start around noon with Julbord which is a smörgasbord with special Christmas food. Then there is a special TV program - before TV it was special radioprogram people love to see.
In the afternoon there is of course church services.
Around 18 hours time for dinner - lutfisk and after that the gifts.
We read the Christmas mail after the gifts. But that is just in my family.
Then there are Midnightmasses in the churches.
The 25th at 6 in the morning Julotta, another churchservice.
It is very nice to see all the windows with the trees and their candles walking in the dark night to church - or driving depeding on where you live.
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Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 07:43 am

We do the cryptic Christmas tags on gifts too, didn't know that was a Scandinavian thing (we don't make them rhyme though). The ideal tag mystifies the reader but once the present is revealed they say "OH, now I get it!"

This is the earliest I've put up a tree, usually it's more like now or next week. Decorate it soon after getting it though (easier to put lights on when it's fresh). I don't put presents under until Christmas eve. Usually that's a matter of procrastination -- I don't wrap them until I have to, and my mom and I have a tradition of going to separate corners of the house and wrapping each others' presents, taking way more time than originally planned, and going to bed late on Christmas eve -- but I think I might do it purposely this year. I have the vast majority of the presents now and was thinking it'd be nice to avoid the last-minute thing but I might wrap 'em and then sequester them back in the basement.

We also traditionally let sozlet (just her) open one present on Christmas eve.
Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 07:59 am
I torture everybody by putting the wrapped presents under the tree, as soon as possible... just as my parents did to me... and their parents before them. Ah. Tradition.
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Reply Mon 8 Jan, 2018 05:14 pm
Traditional glass decorations made in Germany
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