my weimeraner pit bull mix seems aggressive, any advice?

Reply Thu 17 Jan, 2013 05:45 pm
@DJ Dragonheart,
DJ Dragonheart wrote:

This is a very uneducated and non fact-filled argument..

There's irony in this statement. You do realize your replying to a three+ year old post from a member who hasn't been back since November 2011, right?
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Reply Tue 13 Sep, 2016 03:46 pm
You are ignorant. I own a pit/Weimaraner mix as well as a 6 pound chihuahua and they get along just fine. One of my best friends owns a pit bull as well as a small 8-10 lb dog and they are best friends. Both my chihuahua and her small dog are the older dogs and neither of our pits have tried harming them. Many of my friends own pits and never once have they attacked another dog or human, in fact one of them an 80lb pit is so shy he will run away from my chihuahua. If they are trained right and loved they are just as good as any other breed. The misconception of pit bulls is sad and people like you are just adding to this misconception. If a human is not raised right and not loved they have a higher incidence of being a criminal(that is statiscal...I took a class in juvenile delinquency). With that being said please keep your narcissistic comments to yourself especially when you have NO experience with owning a pit bull. My chihuahua is more aggressive than my pit mix and this is all being said out of EXPERIENCE not opinion.
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