Reply Thu 10 Oct, 2002 09:44 am
Purebred dogs are somewhat logically divided into groups by the American Kennel Club (AKC). These groups are generally based upon breeding purposes, e. g. a dog has been bred for companionship or hunting, etc.

Here are the seven groups and some examples from each:

Herding - These are dogs bred to herd sheep and cattle, and include collies and shepherds (but not the German Shepherd, which is a part of the Working Group); it also includes drover dogs like the Briard.
Hound - These are divided into Sight Hounds and Scent Hounds. Sight hounds include the Greyhound and the Saluki. Scent Hounds include the Beagle and the Foxhound.
Non-Sporting - These are dogs that generally don't fit into other categories. They may be too big to be Toys or too non-specialized to fit into the other Groups. They include the Standard and Miniature Poodle (the Toy Poodle is in the Toy Group) and the Boston Terrier. Dalmations are also in this Group.
Sporting - For the purposes of the AKC, sporting means hunting. These are dogs bred for all aspects of hunting (except for Scent Hounds), such as flushing out and retrieving game. They include pretty much all Pointers, Setters and Retrievers. There are more AKC-registered dogs in the Sporting Group than in any other Group.
Terrier - These are classic 'earth dogs' bred to hunt small game and vermin, such as mice and badgers. Among the Terrier Group are the very large Airedale and the very small Silky. The Pit Bull Terrier isn't a breed recognized by the AKC (not due to reputation, but due to the fact that it's not a specific enough classification), but the American Staffordshire Terrier (most Pit Bulls are this breed) is AKC-recognized. The Terrier Group has the most breeds in it and has won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show more often in its over 100-year history than any other Group.
Toy - These are small dogs bred strictly for companionship. In addition to the aforementioned Toy Poodle, this Group also encompasses the Chihuahua, the Dachshund and the Maltese.
Working - These are big dogs, bred to pull loads or do other types
of heavy labor. The Group includes the Saint Bernard, in addition to the German Shepherd, mentioned above.
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Reply Sat 12 Oct, 2002 01:57 pm
I have

In S.A we have a breed of dog called a "boërbull". This is basically a cross between the following:

Pit bull, bull terrier, bull mmastiv i don't know if that's spelt correctly) and a boxer.
This is a pure S.A breed and

have a special acc. for them. They are rrecognisedby the SPCA which is our version of kennel club. these dogs are relatively

large by nature due to the breeds used. I have a boërbull and am proud to say that she wins the anual dog show every year for

the biggest Boërbull in the country. Wieghing in at 114 KG you can imagine the size. I have photo's.


there are two drawbacks to this hound though:

1. Without adiquate training and disipline the dogs

have a tendency to be aggresive, not like pit bulls although that is the same gene pool but non the less very


2. Due to the fact that the breed was spliced by man and the fact

that there are only so many in the country, basically all boërbulls are related to one another. Becuase of this they seem to

all have a hip displacement problem. When they sit, if not trained they tend to sit to the one side and wether the correct

training was given or not, when they get old the hip gives in.

My "Mella" is just about to have

puppies and then she will have to be put down. She is 10 years old now and the hip has gone and when this stage of there life

comes there become iraterratic unstable, Don't get me wrong I love my dog but 7 years of traitraining winning has taken

it's toll and the time has come for the next generation.

I will miss her so much... Crying or Very sad
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Reply Sat 12 Oct, 2002 02:00 pm
Poor Mella.....

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
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Reply Sun 13 Oct, 2002 06:01 pm
I have (or had) a

toy poodle (he now lives with my brother as I live in an apartment in town and he lives in a house on the beach Sad ) they

are not my favorite breed of dog that being the golden retriever but from personal experience I believe poodles to be among

the smartest dogs although not very obedient.
I've trained Biggs (his nickname, his full name is Mr. Puff Jacket

Biggelsworth) to bark on command once and repeatedly, how to chase people down barking ferociously as if he were a big dog on

the command "Sick 'em", how to stay sitting still when retrieving until told to "go" and many other tricks that he learned

very easily and quickly. He also knows and obeys "quiet" but will ignore "shut up" something that I've seen many dogs have a

problem with (they don't obey the command "quiet" but will quiet down when shouted at). So in closing poodles (my personal

favorite is the toy due to its size) can be wonderful dogs when trained correctly but if not they can be incredibly annoying

pests. Twisted Evil
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Reply Thu 17 Oct, 2002 10:00 pm
How do I post a

photo? Question
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 04:57 am
Hey there little


There is a tutorial on how to post pictures in the forum help area. If it's not clear let me know and I'll try to

fix that.

BTW I met Dan-E's dog, I'd had a bad opinion about poodles till I met that cute thing. It's hillarious

when he obeys the "sick 'em" command. He runs up and barks away but is too scared to do anything. If you move he runs

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Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 10:45 pm
OK! I think I got


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Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 10:45 pm
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Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 11:07 pm
It's a photo of

Miss Kissyface herself, Bootsie the Boxer! :-D
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Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 11:13 pm
It finally worked,

I guess I should have tried it out on the testing forum... sorry Rolling Eyes
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 18 Oct, 2002 11:32 pm
littlek wrote:
It finally worked, I guess I should have tried it out on the testing

forum... sorry Rolling Eyes

I deleted the tries so no biggie. You didn't need to test on the test forum

though. You can edit your post at any time. This is useful to correct errors and avoid double posting. You can also delete

your post if nobody has replied to it yet.

Cute dog BTW!
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Reply Sat 19 Oct, 2002 06:44 am
I have a theory

that people buy dogs of certain breeds, because they hit an emotional chord in them. As a teenager, I had a Boston Terrier. I

was crazy about him.

When I was first married, my husband wanted a boxer, because he had had one when he was younger.

I never could make the same emotional connection to this animal, that I did with the Boston.

If I ever get another

dog, (I doubt it because of allergies. Also, at this time of my life I want more freedom) it would either be another Boston,

or a Chinese Pug.
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Reply Sun 20 Oct, 2002 09:30 pm
Craven -


Phoenix - there are definitely 'boxer people'. I always thought I'd like a little boston terrier.
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Reply Sun 20 Oct, 2002 10:10 pm
Dr. Coren has written a wonderful book "why we love the dogs we do". Definitely a must-read for dog people. Ohhhh that Boots is gorgeous. I
look at my pix of her everyday.
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Reply Mon 21 Oct, 2002 08:14 pm


I had to try to share my Jenny, too (the reason I love the sporting group doggies, of course). If this

doesn't work, I'll try again.
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Reply Mon 21 Oct, 2002 08:17 pm
Well, it worked,

but now I've made the page HUGE. Sorry -- next time I'll pick the thumbnail photo.
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Reply Mon 21 Oct, 2002 09:29 pm
Jenny's such a

sweetheart! I'm definitely a Goldie gal, too. That was the breed of the dog I had growing up. If we do get a dog

(unlikely due to hubby's allergies) it will probably be a Golden mix -- maybe Golden Retriever/ Lab.
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Reply Mon 21 Oct, 2002 09:44 pm
A Lab mix might be

less likely to cause allergies, too. Jenny is a sweetie -- a bit of a nut, but a sweet nut and now that's she's three she

is beginning to calm down somewhat. She found two dead mice within the last few days and both times she actually dropped

them when I told her to. This is far superior to chasing her all over the yard as would have happened in the


Jenny's our 2nd golden -- first one was one of those once in a lifetime kind of dogs and was the reason we went

for another golden. We've also had whippets and they're great, too. Actually, I'm just a dog person. I like them

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Reply Thu 31 Oct, 2002 08:09 pm
Over here, in Oz, "designer mongrels" are becoming very popular - that is, certain mixes of dog are being seen as very good dogs to own - eg Labradoodle - a mix of a standard poodle and a labrador. Lots of these are now being used as guide dogs, and people queue up to buy them.

Another very popular breed is the Australian Cattle Dog - a mix of various herding dogs and the dingo. They are extremely intelligent and robust dogs - but need careful training and LOTS of exercise, or they go stir crazy and can be vicious - they are very dominant dogs. They are lovely though, and have a very amused and ironic "dog of the world" look about them.
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Reply Thu 31 Oct, 2002 10:16 pm

Your poll didn't have a place to check the "Soulmate" category. All of the dogs I've owned have been normal doggy dogs when adopted and wound up as highly individual soulmates.

One of my favorites was a mutt pup named Cassandra (I was raising a series of teen aged boys and constantly making unheeded predictions).

I'd broken my leg in two places and was on crutches. While on crutches, I have tremendous dignity and very little speed.

Cassandra and I came back from grocery shopping and I told her to get on the porch. She gave me a sassy look and headed off eastward, around behind the house. I sighed and started lifting the groceries out of the back of the pickup. Cassandra appeared from the west side of the house, sat on the porch and expressed very clearly that she wasn't on crutches.

My present soulmate, a gold-digging guttersnipe, was billed at the Pound as an Pitbull Mix. Aside from her occasional homicidal rages, she's a sweet little coward.
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