Republicans using Healthcare as a political game.

ebrown p
Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2009 08:37 am
You could always visit Canada and watch as many Canadians complain about Canada's socialized medical plan causing very high taxes; and further note numbers of Canadians traveling to the US for speedier medical attention.

No you couldn't... polling shows the great majority of Canadians (70%) are happy with their health care system.

Sure, you could find some Canadians who will complain (or go around American conservative talk shows in what is far more than her 15 minutes allows).

But to say that the there is anything in Canada even close to the amount of discontent in the US is simply incorrect.

We have a crisis in US health care.
Reply Sun 26 Jul, 2009 09:15 am
@ebrown p,
Should a Canadian politician say that he or will work to abolish the country's universal system, the politician would quickly find his political career had ended.
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