What are some of your goals in life?

Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 12:56 pm
Anyways.. I'm going to do all these things.

-rent my own house

-start college,art major. ( going to devry to take all their courses on computer repair /networking / programming / digital art / website design / animation / game design etc.thats a long term plan though, in like 5-10 years ill be in devry)

*maybe learn engineering/electronics*

-learn to break dance

-learn parkour (freerunning)

-skateboard everyday

-start an art/music studio for hip hop, rapping, graffiti, djing etc..
(small time, for personal use)

-learn basics for the guitar, harmonica, piano...(maybe banjo rofl!)

-go to the gym every day, alternating strength/cardio/plyometrics

-get 2 professional weight pulling harnesses, begin training my dogs for weight pulling, agility and also in attack/bite training.
(my goal being to put as many medals and awards in my dogs bloodline as possible)
*loosely "preparing" for search and rescue training.

-start a garden, a really extensive garden at that, possibly a greenhouse, no not for "weed" lol! it would be nice but prison doesnt sound fun Sad

-learn brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, wrestling, boxing, judo, ninjutsu, military and police strategies and tactics.(krav maga, the russian spetsnaz looked intriguing too)

-extensively learn law.

-start an extensive library, of non-fiction.
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:40 pm
I'm working toward having a Kundalini awakening.

When that happens, all else will fall into place.

I notice you have quite a few goals, but haven't said anything about what you've done, or doing to attain them.

I've been going to yoga classes for a few months now, several times a week, including, hatha, kundalini, and meditation.

It's really great.
Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:53 pm
i got a job, duh. thats all thats needed.

well, i have been working out with 2 10 pound dumbbells

i have been walking my dogs for like 3 hours looking for houses in neighbhorhoods that are cheap.(two birds with one stone, they exercise i try to find a good deal)

i am doing my fafsa paperwork bs..

i have been relentlessly searching the web and collecting a list of relevant websites with information pertaining to my interests.

i have a compost bucket half full

i have a collection of books and tools for pc repair.

i have been getting free tires for my dogs to pull

and i have been making friends with dj's at the local spot, for a few reasons

making friend with musicians at my friends bands shows for a few reasons as well.

Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:54 pm
I plan to go to the places in this song

Aruba-haven't been there
Jamaica-been there
Bahamas-haven't been there
Bermuda-haven't been there
Key Largo-already booked
Florida Keys-already booked
Kokomo-will go there while in Florida
Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:54 pm
I plan to see Europe"SOMEDAY!

Ogionik, why settle with renting your own home? Why not BUY your own home?
Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:58 pm
lol, have faith grasshopper.

i might be severely negative but eh.

oh yeah, i have been training my dogs everyday.

ignore distractions
obey my commands immediately *even if in attack/defend state of mind*
follow me

that is it so far but i have no treats to train them and i dont want to train them to much without a reward, it might damage any progress or damage progress in the future.

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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 01:59 pm
eoe wrote:

I plan to see Europe"SOMEDAY!

Ogionik, why settle with renting your own home? Why not BUY your own home?

credit/down payment/state of the economy.

perhaps after college when i can get a job in the art field and have a *solid* foundation.

perhaps if i start my own business/company.
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 02:00 pm
TTH wrote:

I plan to go to the places in this song

Aruba-haven't been there
Jamaica-been there
Bahamas-haven't been there
Bermuda-haven't been there
Key Largo-already booked
Florida Keys-already booked
Kokomo-will go there while in Florida

lol i love your goal!

Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 02:01 pm
eoe wrote:

I plan to see Europe"SOMEDAY!

Ogionik, why settle with renting your own home? Why not BUY your own home?

i want to explore and travel america then explore travel all of western europe, they do south america..

but i am not putting plans in stone for travel, its not a high priority.

when im older i think it will be easier AND more enjoyable!
Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 02:06 pm
I had to figure out where kokomo is, it's a bar in Florida Laughing Laughing
Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 03:24 pm
Before I turn 50:
I want to make a watercolor quilt out of material I've collected something like this:http://www.suehecker.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/watercolor1.jpg
I want to take this walk from Land's End, Cornwall to John O Groats in Scotland:http://www.longwalks.org.uk/512_omap300px.jpg

After I turn 50:
when my daughter (who is my younger child) finishes school, I'd like to spend a couple of years in Africa teaching and then I'd like to spend the rest of my life living six months in England and six months in the US - either in upstate NY or the mountains of NC and have a house where my kids can visit me, with a big garden (flowers and vegetables) because in another ten years or so, I'll probably be a grandmother Shocked
If my kids don't have kids - maybe I'll do respite foster care or something.
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 03:36 pm
Here's my current list, I've done about 10 of them already, and I'm well on my way to completing some others (12 baseball stadiums to go).

Bungee Jump
Run a Marathon
Learn to Scuba dive
Complete bachelor’s degree
Go Whitewater Rafting
Sleep in a jungle overnight
New Year's Eve in Times Square
Visit every baseball stadium in USA
Go on a 100+ mile hiking trip
See the Northern Lights
Drive on the Autobahn
Visit a landmark in all 50 states
See my abs
Travel to Galapagos Islands
Complete a 100 mile bike ride
Complete an Ironman Triathlon
Learn to Sail a boat
Visit all 7 continents
Be on a TV show
Race across Montana
Learn to fly
View a shuttle launch
Go jet skiing
Go snow mobile riding
Ice Fish
Catch a 6 foot sturgeon
Ride a Snowmobile
Attend a World Series game
Attend a Superbowl
Attend an NBA Finals game
Attend an Olympic event
Get Married
Have at least 1 child
Serve as a mentor
Work for a political campaign
Donate blood (done a few dozen times since high school)
Volunteer Vacation
Never drink again
Learn to Surf
Take dancing lessons
Tour a cave
Visit the Louve
See Stonehenge
See the pyramids
Drive a Ferrari
Take racing lessons
Go horseback riding
See a play in a theatre
Learn archery
Learn to shoot accurately at 400 yards
Go on a dog sled
Experience zero gravity
Learn to play a musical instrument
Learn another language
Visit the Great Wall of China
Eat a Habernero pepper
Meet a President (current or former)
Hit rock bottom
Own a home
Get a tattoo
Climb a mountain
Run with the bulls
Fly in a fighter jet
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 03:45 pm
Write a romance novel.

Cross the Americas solo, visiting public schools.

Draw up an energy resources management plan for the Amazon forest.

Be a Minister of Foreign Affairs for my country.

Get married to the love of my life and be the love of his life.

Have at least 1 child.

Be happy.
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 03:58 pm
Lose the next/last 40 - 50 lbs.
Keep them off forever.
Help our nephews and their parents pay for college.
Pay off the house by the time I'm 50 (I'll be 47 in 2 months).
Go to Greece.
Go back to Italy, see family
Go back to England.
Go back to Hawaii.
Go back to Mexico, see family.
Go to Sweden, see family.
Run a 5K 10 months out of the year.
Become a published author.
Become a professional blogger or do something else, 'netwise, and actually make a serious living at it.
Get back on TV (possibly related to the previous two goals).
Get another degree, in some Humanities field, possibly History.
Meet as many A2Kers as is humanly possible.

The first one is in reach for this year. On target with the mortgage and college tuition ones. Semi-on target for the 5K one. Doing some writing, and blogging. Travel stuff will likely have to wait until the financial stuff is done or closer to being done. Semi-working on TV but it's more back burner, same with the degree, which is more of a retirement goal.

And meeting A2Kers any chance I get. Smile
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 07:07 pm
Great thread and I loved reading what others wrote. I have more goals on my list. Right now, with my health and all, there are things the doctors do not want me doing. I'll be back.......to add more goals Smile
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Reply Thu 16 Jul, 2009 08:15 pm
Sell out the current printing of a book I co-edited
Bench-press my weight 3x10
Help Clive get a permanent job
Become a grandfather (no, nothing in the works)
Visit Jerusalem, Rome, and Athens
Finish all my household projects (yeah, right)
Retire (not a hope in Hell)
Die with dignity and honor (just not for a while yet)
Reply Sat 18 Jul, 2009 07:40 am
BTW, I did want to say, Ogi, I think this is your best topic yet.
Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2009 04:43 pm
rome jerusalem and athens

epic choices.
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Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2009 08:05 pm
My main goal is to drive a super comp dragster.
Reply Sat 8 Aug, 2009 06:59 pm
i cant get space to workout, ive realized dogs barking and people saying derogatory things while im trying to better myself by working out isnt helping.

i was thinking i need to block it out and just stay the course but go, i want to just be able to be me without having to dot hat to be able to relax and be happy.

damn u haters. damn u.

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