Is there a correlation between overweight smokers and campers?

Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2009 01:05 pm
I just started camping after a 15 year stint of strictly pampered hotel stays. It was quite apparent that the majority of adults we saw at the camp grounds were smokers. And the majority of campers " children and adults were significantly overweight " not pleasantly plump but unhealthy heavy.

My prior memory of camping was healthy outdoors crap like hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, stuff that requires you to be in good shape and I would suspect health conscience. I also tend to link smoking and overweight with being non-health conscience. Did I stay at a campground that is suspect? That caters to the unhealthy? Or am I in the twilight zone?

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Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2009 01:17 pm
What kind of campground was it? I grew up camping and loved it, but I have to say that in the past fifteen years or so, I actively seek out wilderness camping spots or national parks as opposed to most privately owned campgrounds precisely because in those places, camping seems to mean bringing a house on wheels into what resembles some sort of parking lot - with absolutely no privacy and people sitting in air conditioned metal boxes watching tvs until the evening when they emerge to build a fire and sit around it getting drunk.
Maybe that has some bearing on how campers these days look.
You can't really get away from the noise, as you could in your own home, and you have to share a bathroom - which I don't have to do in my own home- so why would I go someplace to do what I can do at home- except that I'm paying to do it in less comfort?

I like the old camping - where you had your little private glade - you might have a water spigot - or you might have to walk to a common water pump - and there was no such thing as electricity there - so it was relatively silent- except for the woods' noises -and dark except for firelight, lanterns and flashlights. That's what made it fun!
You can still find those places - but like I said - you just have to look very carefully and be discriminating about what exactly you want your camping experience to be.

Merry Andrew
Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2009 01:26 pm
If I go camping, I go camping. I mean, ain't no other people around for brobably miles except for those in my party. Going to a public camppground isn't camping. It's just renting the cheapest sleeping space available. An exception to this rule might be the public campground to which you have to trek on foot. Along the Apalachian Trail there are some fine public campgrounds, cabins with bunks, potable water spigots, outdoor cooking facilities etc. People who use these campgrounds are, as a general rule, true outdoor types who might smoke a little ganja after the sun sets but not commercially available tobacco.
Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2009 01:37 pm
Well aiden you described exactly what I was looking for and you decided exactly what I got instead. It seemed there were mostly those pop-ups and some of those huge houses on wheels. We did camp in the "tenting" section, but tent camping was the exception not the rule.
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Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2009 01:41 pm
@Merry Andrew,
The only problem with that is with small children - I can't really trek around with them. I have gone "real camping" before - we canoed and then just up and set up a camp on the beach - no facilities. However, as much outdoors as I like to be - please forgive the crudeness - but I can't poop with out a toliet so more than one night would be tough.

I want something in the middle - where you camp in the woods, but can walk to toliets and then have a hot shower every other day.

Our campsite was one of the few that simply had a water spigot and nothing more.
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