How to get your ex back? is it possible?

Reply Thu 26 Apr, 2007 03:12 am
i have put my child first in all asepects because he already means the world to me even thou he is not here. I have spoken cash with the babys father and we have come to an agreement, his parents are being really supportive (More than him) and are trying to make him see that he cannot continue drinking like this for the sake of his son and if he wants to be a part of his life (i have no problem with him having his son a couple of days a fortnight)good luck to them because iv already tried going down that path. He must be getting there with the fact that he's away to be a father as he bought me an ultrasound heart beat thingy out of argos to listen to my boy's heartbeat, and also gave me 120pound from his 160pound wages(he's and apprentice joiner, hence the crap money he gets)to go buy some baby clothes and bits and bobs.iv decided i no longer deserve him(dnt want to sound big headed here) and am only going to continue fighting him with things that will improve my future son's life quality.x
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Re: thanks
[quote="kirstylouise2k5"]iv decided i no longer deserve him[/quote]

You probably mean the right thing...

I hope you stick with your resolution and you will come out on top!
Good luck!
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Reply Thu 31 May, 2007 04:03 pm
This is interesting. I was reading your story and everything sounded like an experience I had in the past with an ex. We were together for 2 years and stayed friends for another 2 years. I wanted him back for the longest time. I tried everything to get him back. We even continued having sex for a period of time. The only thing I got out of it was used and hurt. But I eventually moved on and stopped having sex with him and stopped talking to him everyday and I had gotten into a relationship with someone else and that was when he confessed no matter how much he hated me for the lies and everything we had been through he wanted me back and he loved me. I told him no I moved on and to this day there are always days I miss him and think about him and wonder could things really change then I remember the reason we broke up wasn't because of just the things I did It was more because of what he did. I wasn't happy and I knew getting back together wouldn't be the right thing. I will always love him no matter what because he was my best friend and the only person I spent that long with but I think Im better off without him and Im alot happier. Good luck with whatever happens between you 2
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