Sam was my brother

Reply Tue 25 Jun, 2019 11:25 pm
Good Memories are what keep us connected > My fav memories are with my Uncle Stash. Besides help making me an outdoorsie kinda guy, he had a sense of humor that he could always draw from and whenever we were in stores provisioning up out west, hed have some bullshit tale that would get him a beer and me a house sammich.(I was agrowin kid when I was out with him).
I look back on times I spent with him and my dad and I tried to harvest some good stuff to have used with my kids. I aways suspected that a snse of humor went hand in hand with intelligence) He proved it
Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2019 09:41 am
We met my sister in law in Flower Bluff, a community that scrapes Corpus Christi. She had a man, who rarely showed his face and she lived in a shack near a dump. The great open space between there and on the one side the beach and on another the city was where my father led the cops on a chase around 1940. He hid his gun out there and never could find it again.

She knew a couple who were into Italian greyhounds. How they all met Sam I can't say for sure. The couple had him paint greyhound related signs on the car windows. It didn't take my sister in law long to decide Sam was the future.

They were so good for each other, it transformed both lives, making each successful in their own right. They lived out their last years in a house they purchased in Dallas, she working at a small newspaper and he doing his art. I used to drive there to visit, until I didn't. Too old.
Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2019 09:50 am
great remembrance, makes em live again.
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Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2019 01:34 pm
My sympathies go to you and your family.
Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2019 01:53 pm
Thanks, ragman.
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Reply Sat 16 May, 2020 08:23 am
Feeling nostalgic today. Sam used to correspond with Walt Kelly, who mailed him an autographed copy of the book that features Pogo proclaiming that the enemy "is us." Geraldine offered to send it to me about a month before the end. I refused because I knew she could sell it for good money and she had to be scraping the barrel to keep herself going. Before he passed, Sam gave me his Alley Oop collection, that spanned from Oop's introduction into the version done by the Benders. It included the original Popeye strips that introduced both Popeye and Eugene the Jeep, in a separate binder.

I've been uploading all of the family photos I can find to a group on Facebook, for my family to access. I was inspired to do this by the memory of a couple I knew that, when they were gone and his family took over I saw they scattered the couple's prized photos all over the floor among trash and garbage. I vowed to make the family members interested in preserving ours able to access them any time they like. This project triggered feelings of nostalgia and sent me to this thread.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Sat 16 May, 2020 12:54 pm
My dad made sure we all had copies of several hundred photos and also put them all on sticks. He left it up to us "kids" to get them to his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

You mentioned your dad not being able to find his 'piece'.

Back in the fifties the cops gave my dad his back after he did 90 days in county. There was a gun fight involved. That'd never happen today.

When you get that book I hope you're writing done, I want to buy one.
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