Puppy Accidents

Reply Wed 4 Mar, 2009 07:49 pm
My husband and I got our rescue puppy a few months ago when she was roughly 3 months old. We had her housebroken within the first 2 weeks of having her, and have had no problems since. She has been housebroken for a total of 3 months. All of the sudden, she has been urinating and defecating in our living room. The majority of her "accidents" (I am starting to become convinced she has a purpose to this) happen after she has been outside for an extended period of time. We have been keeping to her schedule, taking her out on regular intervals, and lately she will only pee outside even when we're out with her and defecate inside. Tonight my husband took her out, she did both of her duties, and then after being inside for 10 minutes pooped again. It was a very little amount so we feel like she must have had to force it. Please help! We have no idea what to do. Thank you!
Reply Wed 4 Mar, 2009 09:07 pm
I would take the puppy to the vet, a lot of the times they do this because something is wrong with them. Could be an infection or some other type of problem. Even if not the vet could give you advice, and it's worth it. You would take your child to the doctor.
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A Lone Voice
Reply Thu 5 Mar, 2009 11:40 pm
Are you taking her outside for any reason other than for a bathroom break?

And by house trained, do you mean she only 'goes' when outside, as a matter of timing, or has she developed a signal yet for you to recognize she needs out?

If she doesn't let you know she needs out, she isn't house trained.

Dogs are smart. Is 'outside' a reward or punishment? She might be distracted outside, playing and exploring, as puppies tend to do.

Also, puppy’s bodies and metabolism change. She might need to go out more often than before. I've had puppies I had to let out every couple of hours as their diet developed over time.
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