Hot when sleeping

just meme
Mon 12 Aug, 2013 09:53 am
I have the same issue with the body heat and I also had the "growing pains" as my Mom called them too when I was young. I still have trouble with cramps.
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Running amok
Sun 6 Apr, 2014 09:55 am
This is a fun thread to read!
I am a female and I have always been a super hot sleeper, I never noticed it and Im never sweaty and has been my "normal" since I was an infant... My mom has always complained of needing a pillow between us anytime we've had to share a bed, any time I go camping people fight over who's tent I'm in... Apparently as long as Im well fed before sleeping, you don't have to share a bed with me to get cooked out!
I never thought to get this medically checked as its never bothered me...I love hot showers, not hot tubs... If I don't eat often enough I feel like I'm freezing even in 30C, I don't gain or lose weight no matter how much food I eat... I eat too much I become hot... I don't eat enough the heat gets shut off... I'm very heavy for my size and have always been told muscle creates heat and just brushed it off at that... But reading this thread in particular really hit home!
I'm of native decent as well, my dad is 100% and my mom is 25%.... my mom said I heat up just like my dad did.
He was adopted by a white family and passed away when I was young, even if I had made the native connection I couldn't have gone anywhere in my family tree with it.
It makes perfect sense that we would have a genetic trait for survival, those who could stay warm or help heat a teepee/long home at night (my boyfriend has Put a digital thermomiter in the room...I can raise the bedroom temp by 10degrees celceus as I sleep if I eat before I go to bed) would have the best chance of survival during the long cold winters.... There for making our variation a common trait in the north... I wonder if its a predominat thing in the southern tribes as well...
What ever the reason, I love that this makes so much sense to me.. Like the corner piece of the puzzle has been found lol
Happy sleeping and if I find anything else I will post it here Smile
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Mon 14 Apr, 2014 06:14 am
It is so funny to read all of these replies. I have been a "furnace" while sleeping my whole life. My husband is the exact same way and so is our child. We have all three been this way since we were born so it isnt some hormonal or environmental issue. There is NO question that our body temps increase at night while we sleep (although admittedly I've never taken our temps so the forehead strip someone suggested may not be a bad idea!). I can feel the intense heat radiating off of every part of my husband's body at night ... If we cuddle up for long we are soaked and we keep our A/C at 71 degrees every night while we sleep. I too have always had friends and boyfriends tell me that I was too hot to sleep next to my whole life. I have no American Indian or Eskimo lineage so it can't be a evolutional holdover either for me. I had never Googled this before now and just assumed it was normal. I was shocked to learn that the vast majority of people's body temps actually cool down during their sleep cycle! That's why I was so amused to find these posts from other "heaters" out there with the same temp issues. Surely there is a reason but its probably just not important enough to garner attention or research. All I can say to all of you writing in and suggesting that it is menopause, thyroid or that our blanket weave is too tight is that "That is definitely not the problem"... There are simply too many of us out here, male and female, skinny and fat, young and old... This scenario is clearly widespread so at least we know that we aren't all imagining it Smile
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Tue 20 May, 2014 08:24 am
I get extremely hot while I sleep too, also while I am just sitting still with no movement. My boyfriend says that I get so hot I sweat and I make him sweat. He tends to sleep with his arms wrapped around me, but usually can't because I'm so hot. I feel like my body has done this for a while, but I'm not totally sure. I have not asked a doctor about this, mostly because I have not been to a doctor in a while, but aside from being hot at night, I never feel bad or crappy or anything. My boyfriend always gives me crap and says, "are you pregnant?" Another thing which I highly doubt I am. I used to have severe "growing pains" when I was younger alsowhat my mom called them... I was reading about hypothyroidism, but I don't find that to be as fitting as I first thought it would be. I am really confused to why my body harbors that much heat while I'm not participating in any kind of activity. Now that it's been pointed out and I am wondering, it worries me. I don't wanna get too hot and end up cooking myself while I sleep. Even though that sounds dumb..
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Wed 20 Aug, 2014 09:32 pm
@Robert Gentel,
I like all the comments from those that are not hot sleepers. First of all NO NO NO NO. It is not the amount of clothes, how many blankets that are used or other imbalances that are going on in the body. I need to preface this by saying that I am a 39 year old 5'8'' 150 pound athletically built healthy male. Never been over weight and never have had health issues. I recently had my labs drawn and everything showed up normal. I have alway been a hot sleeper. Started searching the internet about this as it does frustrate me. The thing that gets me is that I sweat sooo easily. I so often wake up sweating with pillow and bed wet from being a hot sleeper. Its that time of year again where I only use a sheet at night, no blankets.

I came searching for some clues to this after taking a 30 minute nap on the couch in just a pair of board shorts and waking up with my couch pillow and back drenched in sweat. This happens on a daily basis. I have lived in Hawaii for the past 11 years so it has affected me a lot more here as the temperature is warmer for longer parts of the year. But I have always noticed that it is when I sleep that my body temp. heats up so I was surprised to read in s0me of the comments that the body cools down during sleep. That has never been the norm for me!!! I think that may be for a certain demographic of people and the research needs to be updated.
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Sat 25 Oct, 2014 12:57 pm
I have thyroid problems but ignore my symptoms by me reading this im learning that my body overheating is my TSH levels. When im horny im like a fournace and my fiance cannot stand to be in the bed with me. I thought it was his imagination. But now i know the real reason behind it all.
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Thu 6 Nov, 2014 11:05 pm
if your bedroom is unusually hot or you are using too many bedclothes, you may begin to sweat during sleep
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One Eyed Mind
Thu 6 Nov, 2014 11:09 pm
Very kinky.

Tell me more.
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Sun 3 May, 2015 05:22 am
I couldn't not reply after finding this one amongst the old Google.
I'm a 29 year old female from New Zealand (4th generation, both sides so no Native American or the likes). I'm 5'4", 62kg. Not sure how long I've been a "sleeping furnace" but I too don't sweat, I love having layers and layers of blankets on me and sometimes just need to stick a foot out for a bit of balance

Been with my boyfriend about ten months and he's flabbergasted by my body heat. If I'm cuddled up on the couch he can tell without looking if I've started falling asleep because of the heat. He can't even sleep with a hand touching me as I "roast" him

Curious indeed!!!!
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Wed 6 May, 2015 04:30 am
The temperature of both the brain and the body decreases during sleep. The longer NREM sleep episode, the more the temperature drops. In contrast, brain increase during REM sleep. Control of the body and brain temperature is closely linked to sleep regulation.
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