Are you posting less or more now?

Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 04:13 pm
"Imagine I actually went and put vegemite on my hair before I read those replies?"


that would be priceless.

pictures would be even better.

lighten up.

(and stick around...)
Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 04:18 pm
Why are people missing some kind of georgeob1kanobe?
Was he gone and is he back?
Because I see some kind of georgeob1 posting all the time...
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Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 04:24 pm
There are no ideas in declaring others to be morons and then using the assertion as an excuse for declining to debate with them unless the usage is justified and not left to stand on its own. It is but a snort if it is.

I've been caught out.
Setanta's thread on civility has got me to thinking. I don't need to use such disparaging words.
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Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 07:26 pm
spendius wrote:

In my six or so years on those threads I have been on my own and subjected to a constant stream of vituperation, some of it vile, by a bunch of bullies not one of whom has the slightest interest or knowledge of what science or evolution are.
Could it be that you, perhaps indirectly, but deliberately. encourage it?
spendius wrote:

They are so bad Olga that a retired senior naval officer has been cowed by these bullies into refraining from defending his religion.... obscenities and insults and the sheer frustration of their refusal to answer any of the simple and obvious points he was making.
Not cowed: just disinterested. When it becomes apparent that one's interloqutor is beyond persuasion himself and merely wants a foil against whom to pour out his prejudices, a sensible person finds something else to do ... in a world that still holds many other entertainments.
spendius wrote:
I'm not an appeaser.
No you aren't: it appears that you like these endless disputes.
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Reply Sun 21 Feb, 2010 07:58 pm
Hah. Well doesn't that suck for you that I hadn't actually done so?
It would probably turn my head into a sticky, pudding-like mess, and you'd sit there chuckling while I shave my hair off...? Very Happy
But, I wouldn't know where to get the stuff either.. I actually never heard of it until you mentioned it. So, no entertainment for you. Sad
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