Rejection Sucks....

Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 01:45 am
so theres this girl ive been working with at my job for a long time now.And From Day one i was basicly like Wow.This girl is amazing.....

but then she quit,she had a boyfriend whom she Was living with and i was like ****....but we became friends within work and got along well together and the other day she mentions to me how she broke up with her boyfriend!and im like Its now or never cause a girl like this isnt going to stay single for long....

I called her and left a very casual Message On her voice mail about Oh I was gonna go check out this movie and didnt know if she wanted to join me but she never returned the call.....

Today i saw her and work and she says "oh,did you call me? I cant get my voicemails" So i had To stutter Out Something about "oh i just didnt know if you wanted to go checkout a movie sometime" and She's just like OH and Walks off! Like sorta blows me off,and i thought maybe It was innapropriate to ask her Since im sorta in a manager/Employee position there So about an hour later i go up to her and I said like,

Hey,Im sorry if it was innapropriate to Ask you that,I just meant as Friends To Hang out sometime.

And She Seemed Totally Fine with it and just Said That She Would like to but our scheduals are Done So differently and with my two Jobs that it would be very difficult to find time to spend together Where we were both off......and She was right but Was that the real reason you think? Were still on good terms and although i was rejected she did it so sweetly that its alright...

but it still sucks,Cause ive been wanting to ask her out forever and i finally am able to and its basicly a no.And she's so great,A great worker,so pretty,we like the same things and whatnot and get along well.And i just for the first time want to tell her how i feel and go "hey,Your incredible and i really like you"Something mushy along those lines but it would be So out of the blue and incredibly innapropriate that id likely get fired or become the laughing stock of the place.but i mean girls....would you like it if a guy you knew well,got along with at work told you his feelings like that? Or would it make for an incredibly akward working enviornment? Im thinking the later unfortunately.....

And please dont say like,Move on or theres other fish in the sea.I live in a very small town and work upwards of 65 to 85 hours a week So outside of work finding a girlfriend is extremely difficult.....Also the online dating sites just dont work for me at all,Ive tried.

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Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 06:37 am
Tell her that finally you can start spending your trust fund and youve been looking at buying a vette . Ask her like your unable to decide which color you should choose.

Just hint at the line that youve come into money. If she starts to warm up , then dump her.
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Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 12:43 pm
mrhunt wrote:

And please dont say like,Move on or theres other fish in the sea.

Okay. I won't say it but guess what? It's truth. If she's not interested, she's not interested and spilling your guts will only make things worse for the both of you.

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Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 12:49 pm
just as those who don't need more money have the best abilty to borrow money, those guys who feel and act like they don't need a woman have the best abilty to get one. Being needy is not a turn on.

try this book
Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 12:54 pm
She's not into you. Or else she would have gone to the movies with you.
Move along....

It takes two to get it going.
Rejection might suck, but it sucks worse to keep making a fool of yourself...
Reply Mon 27 Oct, 2008 04:32 am
Yeah,I know.Im not gonna go into anymore details about it and ive been doing alot of thinking about it lately.....I had to Work with Just her tonight and its just a cramped little resturant.Its Not Akward by any means but i still feel like an idiot and A bit uncomfortable......And i just feel incredibly Self concious of myself now because of this.....

Its a shitty job and most of my work is dishes,Cleaning floors,Emptying trash,Doing deep fryers etc and the place is always Filthy.....Mind you im one of the Pm Supervisors there but its an overall shitty job which is Why i do stuff like that.......BACK ON POINT! Im always ******* filthy and look like a goddam bum.....Im not meaning to but its work and im in my work clothes and Not Looking My full potential i guess....

Also I Always sorta am talking about women,And Porn....and she looks on my ipod one day and see's porn on there too....and she mentions how she dumped her boyfriend cause partially He was looking at porn too much and i just feel like Although we've worked together a While now like she Doesnt know the Real me and didnt take the opportunity to.but i suppose thats her Loss.......I want To believe that and i keep telling myself that but in reality its my loss.

Ive really cared about this girl and wanted to ask her out from day one,but she obviously hasnt known this.So i think to her She's Just Some chick that im trying to get into her pants which couldnt be further From the truth! but i just feel like There were a variety of factors Over time That could have been misenterperted To Make Things Not turn out in my favor.but im proud of myself that i DID ask her out and worked up the courage to As im really not that good with women at all....And Its strange that ive become so immediately self concious afterwards but i think its a good thing and I Actually hope it lasts because i want to use it as an opportunity to better myself Physically and Mentally and just overall...
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Reply Mon 27 Oct, 2008 04:35 am
Btw hawkeye,I wasnt exactly acting needy....She came in and was like "Oh,did you call me the other day?"

and then real casually i said "oh right,I was just gonna go checkout this movie and i thought maybe you wanted to go.....but maybe some other time"

And then this other ******* bitch Comes back that i dont get along with and starts loudly mocking me and sorta rubbing my face in it,I find out tonight she was talking behind my back As in "Omg,Who would go out with HIM! GROSS!" or something along those lines because she's a 18 year old Mother Who dresses like a ******* slut and is a complete airhead bitch.**** YOU TAYA!
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