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Fri 21 Mar, 2014 05:06 am - Im aware of how the military works, Im a combat Medic in the Army Reserve, And yes she does have a crimial history, Tattoos, piercings, a single mother and a history of drug abuse. Im well... (view)
Wed 19 Mar, 2014 02:59 am - I guess im just scared cause she has a kid and has issues, hell we all do. Im scared she's gonna join the military and im going to loose her forever and thats why we were talking about a... (view)
Tue 18 Mar, 2014 10:20 pm - Soooo Second date! And about 10X More amazing than the previous one, and Way more scary too. First we met up and went bowling.....With her daughter.....And brother, Strangely enough it was... (view)
Mon 17 Mar, 2014 03:39 am - I know, i get it. Im incredibly stupid for not practicing safe sex. We've talked about contraception, she's not currently on the pill. i use condoms only to finish, i'll cut it out.... (view)
Sun 16 Mar, 2014 07:29 pm - Thanks punkey, honestly ive been sorta "lax" on that one. Which i realize is INCREDIBLY Stupid of me. With her i only used protection when i was going to finish. And even then she didnt... (view)
Sun 16 Mar, 2014 01:55 am - yeaaaaah, I know. we slept together on the first date which she sorta initiated. but like, i feel like im in a point in my life where i might be ready for kids? Maybe thats why dating her isnt... (view)
Sat 15 Mar, 2014 02:54 am - So Im not always the best on meeting people, And honestly enough about 70% of every date ive gone on (which isnt alot) has been me digging through lame online dating site profiles. Not a whole... (view)
Sat 12 Oct, 2013 03:12 am - So for those who care, Heres another brief update on my life. -I moved into an amazing place in an amazing area and i love it to death! -My bike is out of storage, running and I ride it all the... (view)
Mon 10 Jun, 2013 02:21 am - Nellys "just a dream" cover by Sam Tsui and christina Grimmie on youtube. Look it up. WAAAY better IMO. (view)
Sun 14 Apr, 2013 01:50 pm - No, Today that amount in my savings has more than doubled actually. I dont help my mom because throwing money at the situation wont help her choices or What she's chosen to do with her life.... (view)
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