My Best Friend Is Fighting For Her Life

Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2008 09:55 pm

As for firearms...I don't know a single person who owns a gun. It is very rare over here to own a firearm. I imagine it would be a lot harder to obtain one in Australia than it is for Americans. I'm sure Dutchy could fill us in on whether it's as easy process or not. I have never seen a real gun, except in the holster of a policeman. Never seen a rifle/shotgun except in pictures.

Most Americans would view any government which refused to allow its citizens the use of shotguns to protect themselves and their families and animals from toxic snakes, as a tyranny in major need of being overthrown.
Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2008 11:06 pm
Congratulations, Emma !

It might be wise to take measures
to deny access of snakes to your pooch.

Maybe burn away nearby grass ?
Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 04:20 am
Emma, I'm so glad Jade's all right. Mellow doggie time? Hmm that can sometimes be tough. Better that that's what you're worried about, though. Smile
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Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 04:47 am
I am so glad that this has ended more as a "close call" that jade could learn from rather than a tragedy. However, as goofy as dogas can be, Im doubtful that she will benefit from the education. I am a Hound dog owner and a Border Collie owner. The hound, A catahoula, is just a oolhardy nut who is onstantly being patched up by the vet after being kicked by a horse that doesnt like bein g herded. .
Border Collies do learn and commit everything to memorey.

Does Jade have any stiffness or favoring her bite site?
Ill bet she will do the pampered dog act though, dont let her con you into a prolonged convalescence, no matter how whiney she gets.

Im glad you enjoy our banter , it may appear playful but it is based upon profound irreconcilable differences.

Glad the news is great, now a question,

Do individual browns maintain a wide range? It may be possible to have a "Service" that could sweep them up and release them to a distant wild (or kill them if need be) .
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Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 04:57 am
My dog, Mike, used to like steak
and lobster with drawn butter; maybe u ' d like to celebrate with Jade ?

If u choose to take my advice qua burning nearby grass,
it might be wise to protect your house, FIRST.
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Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 04:44 pm
So glad to hear she is at home and on the road to recovery!
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Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 08:52 am
jespah wrote:

Brooke, I didn't know about your loss, hon. You're right, they do grab a chunk. We both still have pics of Jake the dog on our nightstands, and think of him often.

Hey Jes ........ I'm sorry. I just now saw this. Trying to play catch-up on the forum this morning. School keeps me sort of out of the loop on here these days. But, yeah.... I lost a dog a little over a year ago, now. I didn't start a thread on it. It just seemed like there were so many dogs dying on the forum. And each one of them hurt me, too. You know how that goes. When someone loses a pet, and you have one yourself, you can't help but cry for them ( and I mean really cry) because you just so very much feel their pain. I did pm someone on the forum, but starting a thread was just way too painful for me, I guess.

My dog was the first dog I ever had that was my own. Though I did grow up with dogs. When he had to be put down,( much too young ) I stayed with him, snuggling him as close as I could get him. The last thing he did, even though he was hurting physically .... was give me a big ole' doggy kiss. From my chin, all the way up my face. Tore my heart out. I had them do a paw print for me and I had him cremated. So that part of him, sits in my house.

He was my best friend. My protector. He went through some bad things in my life with me, which caused him to not like guys. Except for my dad. But other than that, he loved babies, loved people for the most part. He just watched anyone that was male that got too close to me. Funny that. He wouldn't leave the room. If he got sleepy, he would fight even laying down and many times would fall asleep while sitting up and keeping " watch on the male subject". Like here:


The only one in my life that could make me smile no matter what. I miss him more than anyone knows. And wow, it still hurts like hell, sometimes.

I have a new dog now. Still a labrador, but a chocolate one this time. He's 5 months old. Wonderful dog. Completely housebroke and trained now. Still likes to chew though! But he's a real loverdog. Has a million kisses for anyone that comes to see me.

Dogz.......forgive me for hijacking your thread! I'm sorry.

Anyhow, I just came back in here to see how Jade was doing and it seems that the news is good and the worst has been escaped. So happy for you! I'm sure there's a lot of love left to share between the both of you. Hold onto every second of that. Such a treasure!

Thank you for that picture of Jade! What a beautiful dog! Truly.
Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 07:05 pm
Brooke, it's Dogz here. You didn't hijack my thread. It was very touching to read about your loss, and see the pic of your gorgeous boy. I am very sorry to hear about him, but admire your strength in staying with him to the very end. I have grappled with that decision in the past (my Staffy had cancer but we opted for surgery, and if it relapsed we weren't going to let him suffer).

Brilliant thinking about the paw print. That is a wonderful keepsake. I can't help but keep looking at the picture...he looks so huggable! I bet your current Lab is just as cute.

I am cherishing every moment with Jade now. The vet bill probably couldn't have come at a worse time, though. But still, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I grew up with 2 Dobermanns and a German Short-Haired Pointer, and I am adamant that I want my boys to grow up sharing life with dogs too. Life seems so much better with a dog!
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Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 10:35 pm
congrats. Emma! May the recovery continue progressing and the doggy lead a normal, less adventurous life.
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Reply Wed 5 Nov, 2008 12:37 am
I wanted to let you know I just got back home recently and reading that Jade is going to be okay made me smile. Even though I wasn't home the past week, I thought of you and her. It was nice to read that she is on the road to recovery and I am happy for you.
Reply Wed 5 Nov, 2008 04:06 pm
Thanks TTH. She had her 10 day check up yesterday, and was given a clean bill of health. I was a bit naughty on the way home though...I stopped off at the doggy park and let her have an off-leash run Embarrassed

I was supposed to be keeping her quiet to keep her heart rate down, but it had been almost 2 weeks, and I knew she would love it, so I couldn't resist. However, after only 2 minutes of running, she was exhausted, and we *slowly* made our way back to the car.

Hope you are doing good, TTH. Thanks for your nice comments.
High Seas
Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 12:21 pm
Hey, great news - looked in on occasion to learn updates of Jade, but couldn't login from overseas.

All the best to you and family, Dogz, thanks for keeping us informed Smile
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