Homosexual Role Models

Reply Wed 20 Aug, 2008 12:52 am
My chief claim (and that of a few other posters) was that one cannot convincingly disguise one's disgust with homosexuals as a disgust with drugs, alcohol, and other behaviors that are not exclusive to homosexuals. Nothing in what you wrote addresses this. This is not to say that I disagree with what you just wrote--in fact, I heartily support a lot of it--but none of it has given me reason to reconsider this specific claim.

Depression often leads to drugs and suicide... One major cause of depression is not fitting in... And I really feel for heterosexual who feel they don't fit in but...

The tripped over hurdles become a cycle and source of self defeat.

My advice is, get up after stumbling over a hurdle and exert more effort, catch up pass your competitors and win the race.

Heterosexuals do not a have a monopoly on fear but they are the number one manufactures of it.

In a gay community where many if not most are battered and driven from what is largely considered "normal" society it only figures there will be more regression which leads to adults (homosexuals in this case) exhibiting juvenile behavior i.e. drugs, promiscuity, lack of self esteem, low positive self image and pride with dignity.
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I think to judge is to become the enemy
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