The Next Smear Against Obama: "Infanticide"

Reply Tue 26 Aug, 2008 08:31 am
@Diest TKO,
I don't care who the second doctor is...the only thing is you are not permitting the doctor who just botched the operation to decide if his botch is terminal to the baby or no. In a way, I guess this could be said to be avoiding any possibility of "conflict of interest".

Whether the doctor causes the infant's death by "jabbing the scissors" or letting the infant expire without treatment is equally illegal according to the Illinois law so I'm lost as to your comment about sinking ships.
Diest TKO
Reply Tue 26 Aug, 2008 05:05 pm
You asked what would stop a doctor from "jabbing the scissors" back in after birth. This is a far miss from the topic at hand. That's my point. As for sinking, I'm just letting you know that you won't convince many people that not providing care to an infant which is debatably viable is tantamount to "jabbing the scissors."

As for a "conflict of interest" I've heard plenty of claims by people here on A2k that abortion is an "industry." If abortion clinics were required to provide care to a infant (second doctor or not), one would have to assume that there would be a cost involved either to the woman or the state. It seems like that could equally be a "conflict of interest" if the claims of industry are even sincere.

Before you claim it would be on the clinic's dime, stop yourself. You and I both know that clinics would protect their own interests by having patients sign a waiver in case of a failed abortion contingency in a legal environment such as this.

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