Sooo....Im guessing Internet Dating actually DOESNT work....

Diest TKO
Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2008 12:58 pm
mrhunt wrote:
I had an idea to Well....

Theres this girl i know who's 25,married with a kid and she's really sweet and her husband just left her for another woman and she's clearly distraught about it....

I was thinking of casually Saying to her "wanna go out sometime" Or If she ever wants to talk just call me....Not even really as trying to Get to be with her but just maybe be a friend or something.....Maybe see where things go.

do u think thats a bad idea? At work She's so sweet and almost Kinda Hits on me lately since her housband left her saying Like "Would you hit on me?" or "do you think im pretty"? which i sorta Just try to chage the subject since im a manager there and its sorta innapropriate to answer but i dunno...

I'll echo Gala. How old are you? I'm not passing judgement, I'm just trying to frame this situation. I think that perhaps that an older man might seem more appealing when looking for stability for not just her, but a young child. Let's say she is interested, she might be interested for bad reasons.

I imagine you'd want someone who views you as a partner, not as a father figure.

If I'm off base, let me know. I really don't know the details. I just thought I'd add some perspective.

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