am i wrong in feeling betrayed?

Reply Sun 1 Jun, 2008 10:02 am
So, you are poor and on unemployment. Nothing much to eat, but you have a dog. I assume you feed the dog. I say move away from the drugs, get rid of the dog and get a job or do you have one already? Can't tell from your posts.
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Reply Sun 1 Jun, 2008 12:03 pm
i am currently trying to escape my situation. period.

but i think i got a job i go to an interview today.

heres to hoping! and my gma spotted me some money like 30 minutes ago so i think everythings gonna go smoother than i thought.

it might sound hilarious here on this forum, but i finally realized just how mature i am. no wonder i always go for older women lol, no wonder the people i enjoy talking to most are war veterans.

its because kids are ANNOYING. wow.
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Reply Sun 1 Jun, 2008 02:34 pm
wow something totally unexpected happened.

I get home and mr.music is all like dude my bad i broke down like 10 times in a month, but mr.druggoe has to go. he is always yelling at me, u beat him up when he talked **** to u so he goes after me man u dont see none of it!

i was like what? i was lookin for aptartments and **** man u were freaking me out.

u planning to leave too man? mrdrugs is moving to his aunts house. i like u man ur the best roomate ever everyone says it all the time brian stef, everyone..

and i was like huh?

he was like dude i was tryin to tell u that we need to do something. us not just you, US.

and i was like damn so .. im staying?

so i can focus on my job! no moving stress yeahyeauheuaheuahuhaeua
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Reply Sun 1 Jun, 2008 04:19 pm
and the love of my life just sent me some pictures that make it pretty clear things aren't over.

lol. i feel like a moron, always doubting , feeling like failure is unavoidable.

hard work pays off after all.
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