Local news: The sheer stupidity of conservative PC

Reply Mon 19 May, 2008 08:58 pm
ebrown_p wrote:
Cyphercat, I get your point about the different types of homeschooling... but to deny the benefits of public schooling is just as unfair.

I'm not sure if you mean that I sounded as though there are no good sides to public schooling...? I don't think I said anything like that... What was being expressed on this thread was the usual knee-jerk prejudice against homeschooling (battled it all through my school career, so perhaps I'm oversensitive to it), so I was responding to that, by explaining that there ARE benefits to homeschooling, since the popular perception always seems to be that there are only negatives. I don't think public schooling needs a cheering section personally, it's pretty much the done thing, ya know... And since I wasn't public schooled, I'm not qualified to pipe up if it needs defending anyway. Smile

... and don't even get me started about standardized tests.

Oh, I agree, they're nonsensical, but unfortunately they are commonly looked to as a measure of success--and public school seems to be more and more shaped around making kids look good on them, eh?
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