Which is the oldest living language?

Tue 14 Apr, 2015 04:04 am
Kidding??? Do you mean that Sinhala is elder than Lemuria Civilization??? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Do not compare a Rich Heritage with a newly born baby.
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Thu 23 Apr, 2015 01:01 am
Hi Ramafuchs,
I think Sanskrit is the oldest living language.
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Thu 14 May, 2015 10:51 am
The oldest living languages based on the choices given would probably be in this order: (oldest to youngest) Tamil, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin, German, English. Also Greek(modern Greek today), Persian(Farsi today) , ancient Egyptian-(Coptic today) should have been included. However, there are probably many "Much" older spoken languages around that are not included on this list. For example: The Australian aboriginal languages. The native American Indian languages, Basque, spoken in the Pyrenees area of Europe, etc.
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Mon 1 Jun, 2015 12:14 am
Sanskrit is the oldest language in world.
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Mon 1 Jun, 2015 12:27 am
Basque is likely at least AS old as any other spoken language. But there aren't any spoken languages in the world any older than around 4000 years. Human communication prior to the flood was telepathic, that's what the tale of the tower of Babel means. It does not mean going from one language such as ours to many such as ours. That's also why you have the ancient insistence upon humans being able to communicate with other creatures prior to the flood, as per Plato's dialog "Statesman"...
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Fri 26 Jun, 2015 07:35 pm
I will suggest none of those. though of them.. XD English is clearly the youngest (*designed and intended to clarify all error in communication and create clear means of speaking all matters of the mind and earth.)

Sanskrit's age is technically not verifiable. therefor to compare it directly to something like Tamil is complex and more or less a flawed practice.

However, If you look at the History of Korea you will find that they had a city in the likeness of El Dorado. A very obscured historical fact which is hard to resource. I lost the information and thus far can't recover it. BUT, the Korean alphabet is somewhat NOT Asian? Indicating it's longevity is an incredible feat.

Mongolian is another spectacular feat of language perseverance. And it has very few contributing cultures to it's manifestation.

There are African tribes so isolated in pockets of the desert regions which may very well actually have the sustained languages of the worlds most ancient people.

However, I am going to say that The worlds original language has DIED completely. no American Asian, African indian or European speaks a tongue similar to the people of Babel.
Fri 26 Jun, 2015 11:05 pm
I've been in Korea for nearly 20 years. I've never heard of a Korean El Dorado.

Also, King Sejong commissioned a group of scholars to create Hangul, the Korean alphabet. This is well documented, as is the reasoning behind the shapes of the characters. Nothing mysterious whatsoever, aside from the fact that he had to hide the project from prominent scholars who wanted to keep the peasant class illiterate.
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Mon 29 Jun, 2015 08:48 am
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Wed 22 Jul, 2015 06:16 am
Sanskrit and english
Wed 22 Jul, 2015 07:11 am
Once again, you have proven that you do not know WTF you're talking about.
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Sat 17 Oct, 2015 01:52 am
tamil is oldest living language. 55000 years before , kumari kandam ( Tamil country , Australia,Africa combine there) .That is a old tamil country . Tamil is own language of Africa And Australia.
So tamil is world oldest language.
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Sat 5 Mar, 2016 03:10 am
you forgot basque in spain, still a mystery but quite older la latin
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Mon 28 Aug, 2017 02:16 am
Few Corrections in what you say.
Agree with you....

Firstly Tamil or any Indo Aryan - Dravidian languages are not the oldest languages in the world.

Dravidian may not be, but Tamil is THE OLDEST Language in the world. (Certainly ahead of Sanskrit)

We must understand that the evolution of languages happens thru a concept called Proto Languages.

Not Exactly, its a modern method used by linguist to break the language web, to see if it joins the dots, thats all.Nothing proven on rock

Proto Languages provide the infrastructure for modern languages using

We are not talking about modern languages here, these are oldies, the oldest known scientifically proven text is of 250/300BC, but what it describes is of a event which happened in 3000BC. Now on the other hand oldest known scientifically proven text in Sanskrit is of 1500/2000BC .History is judged by evidence, but unfortunately some go missing in natures care as time passes away(few by invading civilizations :-))

1. Read and Learned methods.
2. Written Script.
3. Grammatical rules.
4. Literature.
5. Influence.

Proto-languages are, by definition, are hypothetical languages reconstructed by linguists on the basis of above 5 point, and hence no proto-language has any historical record of existnace. So is the case with Proto-Dravidian languages.

All the above influences the modern language, not historical. It helps linguist to go for a brain war, but thats all.

Proto-North Dravidian, Proto-Central Dravidian and Proto-South Dravidian languaes are estimated to be around 500 BC using the earliest mentions in more than 3 of the above 5 points. (Thats not true, Tamil first Sangam speak s Volume about Literature,Art & Excellent administration which includes all ) But due to a dearth of comparative linguistic research into the Dravidian languages, not many details as to the grammar, epoch, or location of Proto-Dravidian are known. Simply becoz the lack of the proofs supporting the existance of them using above 5 points.

But Vedic Sanskrit scores all 5 and was found to be existed in all the above means since around 1500 BC!

Congrats, its like i have good teeth compared to my grand pa, only thing is i dont know how he had when he was at my age, but now i have.

Also I am skeptical about claims that tamil existed before Sanskrit. Although Tamil words were found in the Vedas they were originally vedic sanskrit and not other way round.

Love the word Vedic Sanskrit, coined at the right junction. So There are words of Tamil in Vedas, but none of Sanskrit in any Tamil Literature of that old, yet you are right.

So does that mean

Means nothing, Its always been who is up without out logic,

Vedic Sanskrit predates Tamil? Most likely. Naaahhhhhh
Vedic Sanskrit prediats Modern Sanskrit? Ofcourse. Naaahhhhh
Tamil predates Modern Sanskrit? Least likely although .OF-Course yes

Oldest books which cover all the Dravidian languages which can point to Proto-Dravidian forms is Dravidian Etymological Dictionary (who certified that, there are stone carvings/Palm leaf manuscript which has details of events that had happened even before Sanskrit was born) still consist only of lists of related words without further explanation; therefore for a talented linguist Proto-Dravidian offers large possibilities.

Further researches in Proto-Dravidian may surprise with sufficient proofs that they may be oldest forms in Indian subcontinent.

They are the oldest,

Sadly only little is known and only researchers can do is speculate about proto dravidian hiostory.

Oh Boy, you just nailed all with Solid evidence, huh?

Till then Vedic Sanskrit and thus arguably Sanskrit are assumed to be older than Dravidian languages.

So all your arguments dont prove anything, Civilization existed even before your Proto theory came in to picture, they used sign language/controlled vocal sounds and communicated effectively, big thing they survived and moved on.

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