Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2019 11:58 pm
I think I almost envy you and your toothache. I recently had two teeth start to fall apart. An initial dental visit indicated a fair amount of work would be needed. One tooth removal (the tooth is one third gone already), 2 caps or crowns (can't recall which), a coupla fillings. No pain right now so I don't wish to tempt fate and create any.

Sure it can be annoying with the food which gets stuck in these tooth pockets, but, that can lead to a snack in the middle of the night if I forgot to brush.

Maybe if I land in the hospital again for an extended visit I'll request they tend to it. Honestly, it's not affordable at this time.

This must be colonoscopy time here in the city. My doctor just last Thursday told me I should have one soon. I told her, I'd rather not...

I found a top notch cure for me is usually borscht (with several hunks of freshly baked brown bread).

...or a tasty ( beef) tongue sandwich.

Here's to things going well tomorrow (which might now be today) in your medical appointment.
Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2019 06:52 am
I once got an infected tooth that put me in the hospital most of a week. The doc said I would have expired, had I waited another day to come in.
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Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2019 11:04 pm
Don't talk to me about beef tongue. My mouth starts to water just thinking about it. When Deb shows up, I'm sure that she will make some disparaging remark about tongue. Disparage away, bunny. I like what I like. On the other hand, I wouldn't go near borscht. My mother told me that at a very early age I made it clear that I didn't like beets.

I saw the throat doc today. My left vocal cord is paralyzed. It might be a result of the radiation I had about ten years ago (no big deal). Or it could be something new (possible big deal). I gotta have a CAT scan.

I've got hospital appointments scheduled into mid-April. This body maintenance sucks.

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Reply Mon 18 Mar, 2019 04:07 am
Good luck..
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