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Thu 11 Nov, 2004 10:26 pm - [color=violet][/color]"Gone with the Wind" . . . do we really need another version?"[color=violet][/color] (view)
Thu 11 Nov, 2004 09:59 pm - War is not for children and other living things. (view)
Thu 11 Nov, 2004 09:51 pm - [b]Jerry Falwell is given more attention by this forum than his distorted views deserve.[/b] (view)
Mon 26 Jul, 2004 07:50 pm - [quote="George"]"My crotch is alive with a thousand oozes!"[/quote] Sung, I suppose, to the title song from[i]The Sound of Music.[/i] :oops: (view)
Sun 25 Jul, 2004 06:34 pm - Equus< How about a musical film based on the [i]Equus[/i] stage play? Saddle up, partners! (view)
Sat 5 Jun, 2004 12:23 pm - Re: My Beliefs [quote="mysteryman"] I believe we should be very cautious when discussing or considering banning things. I believe there are people who disagree with my... (view)
Fri 30 Jan, 2004 09:58 pm - [quote="joefromchicago"] He's too . . . Catholic [/quote] One's practice of the Catholic faith does not disqualify one from being on a national ticket and to win the... (view)
Thu 29 Jan, 2004 12:33 pm - [b]Dubya without Cheney would be like Laurel without Hardy. Or, like Halliburton without billions of dollars gleaned from questionable government contracts.[/b] (view)
Tue 27 Jan, 2004 01:04 pm - [i]Polls are like feelings. They can change in an instant.[/i] (view)
Tue 27 Jan, 2004 12:58 pm - Re: its not enough [quote="BumbleBeeBoogie"] If they had shown long camera shots instead of isolating Dean, it would have shown a normal reaction between speaker and audience and created... (view)
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