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I just read a thread created by Phoenix about people not filling in their Profiles, so here I am.. I have no idea what to put in this little box that's supposed to describe me, but heck, here i go...

alias: mchol
age: legal
sex: a very girlie girl
location: apartment a

: my family : my hunny bunny : strawberry ice cream : ketchup : bargains : shopping : or even better- eBAYING! : cute bags : cute shoes : pink : care bears : tupac : convienence : lip gloss : good movies : eating : eating a lot : skating : hennessy : sleeping : freedom of speech - cause i have a lot to say! : fleece : laughing so hard it hurts : smart people : funny people : onions : poker : spades : 13 :

: pickles : brandy : overpriced stuff : ice cream with nuts : spongebob : waiting : running : arrogant people : meat in stir fry : taxes : sweating : hot weather : people touching my feet : dookie green :

heehee so i guess that's it for now.. toodles!
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