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Sun 27 Aug, 2017 08:58 am - My sister is 14 studying, yeah my grandma has us under a lock literally we cannot do anything until my dad comes back (which he finally is) lets see what happens when he comes back. But honestly I... (view)
Fri 25 Aug, 2017 09:32 pm - Yes were legal, were permanent residents, I know all of this sounds shady, but they say since they receive benefits and were all living under the same roof that they might take there benefits due... (view)
Fri 25 Aug, 2017 10:58 am - @PUNKEY No they bought a house long time ago and if I am not mistaken they have already finished paying it. all of this is really weird to me, cause I believe my grandma which is extremely a pain... (view)
Thu 24 Aug, 2017 05:18 pm - I am 29, and I recently moved to the states to my grandparents house my mom and my sister are also with us, my grandparents are retired and they receive benefits, and I want to work, but know there... (view)
Fri 16 Jun, 2017 01:09 pm - For example: let's say there is a girl/guy that you look up to and you even look/resemble them physically, would you think is bad to copy there style or the way they look, just because their... (view)
Sat 15 Apr, 2017 06:34 pm - So I have recently been talking with “A” a good male friend of mine from university, and I was talking about myself and that I had a boyfriend (“S” ) for some time now, this... (view)
Mon 10 Apr, 2017 12:47 pm - Due to how the situation went down, I Kind of broke up with my boyfriend who is in his mid thirtys, this past friday feb 24, he came to my town for his graduation ( our university happens to be... (view)
Tue 4 Apr, 2017 12:47 pm - @PUNKEY I agree a 100% with your 3 thoughs, honestly I always felt something off, lets be honest here, why in the world would he keep 2 toothbrushes in the in bathroom and a 3 open towels in the... (view)
Mon 3 Apr, 2017 04:53 pm - Hi, So The times that I have gone to my boyfriend (37/M) City apartment which are not many times, because he actually has 2 student apartments one here where I live, because he happens to go to... (view)
Tue 7 Mar, 2017 10:03 am - I, Guess I Kind of broke up with my boyfriend ( 37y/o) I could not stand his erratic behavior anymore. last friday he came for his graduation, and he messaged me on past Thursday saying that on... (view)
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