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Thu 13 Feb, 2014 10:59 am - I never said I was perfect but I see you are playing the blame game. How about you could have just left him. You justified your cheating ways because of your husbands poor behaviour. Leaving... (view)
Wed 12 Feb, 2014 10:19 pm - I think you need counseling. You say your husband has a narcissistic personality but yet your the one cheating among other things. Sounds like you're a narcissist too. There are also... (view)
Wed 12 Feb, 2014 09:51 am - I don't want a submissive wimpy man. I don't like a man who doesn't stick up for himself. When you talk about submission it reminds me of s&m. I don't the original post... (view)
Tue 11 Feb, 2014 09:05 pm - Omg really..I'm sorry but you are just plain dumb...really get rid of this guy...why o why would you even think that low of yourself to allow a man who clearly doesn't respect you be in... (view)
Tue 11 Feb, 2014 06:41 am - I don't trust anyone until they prove they are trustworthy. The last guy I was seeing acted like I should trust his every word when I only knew him for a very short time. I've learned... (view)
Mon 10 Feb, 2014 10:48 pm - About 4 years back I got involved with a man who at first I didn't know was engaged. We had an affair for about a yeAr before the whole truth came out. I caught feelings for this man very... (view)
Mon 10 Feb, 2014 10:38 pm - Katie please go seek therapy. If this is something that is bothering you when you are sexually active with your bf you need to get help. This isn't your fault regardless if you consented.... (view)
Mon 10 Feb, 2014 10:07 pm - However one night I saw them txting into the early hours of the morning and calling each other pet names. On another note this just isn't right. Dump her (view)
Mon 10 Feb, 2014 10:05 pm - I'm sorry to say but it seems your gf found interest in someone else. If something doesn't seems right then it isn't. Pet names are for bf/gf types of relationships. I think she... (view)
Mon 10 Feb, 2014 09:45 pm - He said it was ok so don't make anything of it. I'm sure he got over it so should you. This doesn't sound like a deal breaker. (view)
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