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Fri 21 Sep, 2018 04:32 pm - [quote="KingReef"] God is not ruling over this planet currently.[/quote] God, the Most High, asserted through a dream he gave King Nebuchadnezzar that God is sovereign over human... (view)
Thu 20 Sep, 2018 10:50 am - I'll always remember him as the principal in [i]The Breakfast Club[/i]. (view)
Thu 20 Sep, 2018 09:43 am - The strident anti-religionists are just one aspect of what's termed atheism, though. Most atheists aren't militant about it. [img][/img] (view)
Thu 20 Sep, 2018 09:15 am - [quote="Helloandgoodbye"] I love love love the artistic drawings and reconstructions of these fairytale beings! Puts evolutionism into a different perspective👍 [/quote] Gungasnake... (view)
Thu 20 Sep, 2018 08:55 am - [quote="coluber2001"] [quote]I didn't say atheist is a belief. I said atheist is in regard to belief, i.e. it concerns belief. In this case, the lack thereof. [/quote] It seems... (view)
Thu 20 Sep, 2018 08:39 am - My evidence is the example of your own contradiction, JTT/camlok/whatever. Where's yours, JTT/camlok/whatever? Your assertions? You yourself disproved them. (view)
Wed 19 Sep, 2018 11:36 pm - You undermined your own assertions and are merely grasping at straws JTT/camlok/whatever. (view)
Wed 19 Sep, 2018 11:09 pm - Your moniker was JTT. You would have bet incorrectly on your assumptions. Children make fallacious assumptions all the time. (view)
Wed 19 Sep, 2018 10:45 pm - [quote="camlok"] [quote]"I don't believe" is a statement about the present, not the future.[/quote] False. The present simple tense in English is used to describe the... (view)
Wed 19 Sep, 2018 09:53 pm - I didn't say atheist is a belief. I said atheist is in regard to belief, i.e. it concerns belief. In this case, the lack thereof. One can say, I don't believe and at a later time, with... (view)
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