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Tue 25 Jun, 2019 07:24 pm - No, he met her at a resort. (view)
Tue 25 Jun, 2019 02:37 pm - Well, actually, it leaves it up to the viewer to decide what he does. He goes into the restroom with a knife. I think he blinded himself for her. (view)
Tue 25 Jun, 2019 02:34 pm - Heh. It wasn't a typical romance, but the guy [i]blinded[/i] himself to be with the girl. (view)
Tue 25 Jun, 2019 01:04 pm - It has nothing to do with magic, merely it's unexplained. (view)
Tue 25 Jun, 2019 12:53 pm - According to the article, Florida has loopholes that prevent police from enforcing weapons restricting court orders, so they couldn't have confiscated the weapons on their own. She turned the... (view)
Tue 25 Jun, 2019 12:36 pm - According to the article, she was arrested on theft charges. (view)
Mon 24 Jun, 2019 03:34 pm - [quote="oralloy"] [quote]Palestinian officials reject the overall U.S.-led peace effort as heavily tilted in favor of Israel and likely to deny them a fully sovereign state of their... (view)
Mon 24 Jun, 2019 03:28 pm - [quote="georgeob1"] Now the "Progressive" political dispensers of benefits to the voting public (who have accepted no responsibility for the failure of their creations), are... (view)
Mon 24 Jun, 2019 03:05 pm - [i]The Lobster[/i] was pretty good. (view)
Mon 24 Jun, 2019 12:10 pm - You're right. I should have added that it's more used over here for basketball. (view)
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