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wanna see my cartoons ? I have channels in youtube, dailymotion, and veoh.

and here dailymotion, but some reason dailymotion took some options from me. And I can't put option public and isntead it goes password option. Talk to dailymotion no answer but decided to continue put a password which is "david" without the apostrophe just enter david and press enter and it will pop out again and you enter david again and enter it. then it will work and see my videos ;D.

also here.

just finish episode 12 and it's the best one, very spcial what is G-d's will ? or or

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Thu 15 Jul, 2021 11:21 pm - There is no hell, something invented by the catholic church. People have A mistake there is no hell something pagans invented and was passed down as tradition. In your opinion why people fear hell... (view)
Tue 8 Jun, 2021 07:48 pm - I consider I will take it and rejoice but what would you do given the chance no matter how bloody murder, corporate theif, or pyschotic queen ? (view)
Fri 28 May, 2021 08:42 am - Many have been taught or cultivated to believe in angels with wings and hollywood has given us that idea. But reality angels where never given wings they are powerful beings with nigh powers. But... (view)
Sat 15 May, 2021 03:10 pm - True love exist and come from the center of our heart. It's true and God gave it to us, he who is good gave it to us to love all and more women than ever. (view)
Sat 15 May, 2021 02:59 pm - look for G-d and baptized yourself. (view)
Tue 27 Apr, 2021 07:38 pm - Science is important bt it is incomplete, no matter what there is something more important. 1 Corinthias 13:2 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and... (view)
Wed 21 Apr, 2021 02:37 pm - The hebrew and christians are the people of G-d. furthermore to decide is not error but this is the most important part of freewill is you have the freedom to love remember G-d is not by force... (view)
Sat 17 Apr, 2021 02:53 pm - With all the science we have created we haven't really reach the pinnaccle of science in all the universe there things that exist we do not see and it grows with or without you. Awareness is... (view)
Fri 16 Apr, 2021 09:37 pm - No way was I lying to you, G-d gave the old testament and Jesus story and his ressurection but the revelations have been modified. It used to be Apocalypse then it change to revelations and the... (view)
Fri 16 Apr, 2021 09:13 pm - No, no, no it was the devil, man was innocent it was he's fault nether G-d. He's original plan was for him to be in the garden of Eden and be happy. The devil who is the enemy thwarted... (view)
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