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Mon 22 Jun, 2020 01:13 pm - Lose him! If he's keeping your relationship a secret even though he's divorced for 8 years and his ex-wife died already, he's not committed to you. What's the point then? (view)
Tue 9 Jun, 2020 09:28 pm - Yeah, unless you live in the deep south, leave your relatives alone! (view)
Tue 9 Jun, 2020 09:00 pm - That's about true - driving in Italy requires guts! These little suckers just bluff a lot and if your car is bigger, they eventually back down. I even had the Carabinieri come up to me and... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 08:16 pm - Punky, she said that she'll have a colonoscopy in a few weeks. She's in pain now. -------- I am so sorry that you're experiencing this painful digestive backup. I really would... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 07:33 pm - [quote="harpazo"] Card has been activated. Money in the card. Problem solved (for now). [/quote] You see, the card works - for future references, always choose the card - it's... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 07:26 pm - farmerman, In Europe the beans are really dark roasted to the point where the oils caramelize and become sweeter. Also the quality of the beans is superb. American coffee beans are usually... (view)
Wed 3 Jun, 2020 09:13 pm - Can you check online at your local unemployment site? I am not sure where you're located, but here in CA you'll get a credit card sent by the unemployment office and every 2 weeks they... (view)
Wed 3 Jun, 2020 09:09 pm - [quote="glitterbag"] I can't drink Starbucks, it's burnt swill. Plus the price is ridiculous. [/quote] You are so right, glitterbag - Starbucks is just awful.... (view)
Mon 16 Mar, 2020 08:56 pm - I would not fly anywhere now, even Mexico. Sure today it's safe and you get a plane connection, but what about next week? It's too risky right either take a car and travel... (view)
Mon 16 Mar, 2020 08:49 pm - Since you first started this thread things have changed and I revise my previous post. I would not travel anywhere now! However, I did just come back from EU - just in time before all entries... (view)
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