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Tue 27 Oct, 2020 04:45 pm - "... my main point is listen to the scientists." Don't make me laugh, are they the same 'Experts' who... On January 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) tweeted... (view)
Fri 23 Oct, 2020 04:28 pm - [quote="izzythepush"] I think the correct answer will be that Marks and Spencers don’t make a polypropylene tie. It is Viz after all. [/quote] I do believe you have answered... (view)
Wed 21 Oct, 2020 12:03 pm - EDT 14:02 Straight from the stock ticker: Post-Brexit trade talks between the EU and the UK are BACK ON as Number 10 accepts Michel Barnier's olive branch after he finally admits there... (view)
Mon 5 Oct, 2020 09:38 am - Farmer, ewe make eye laugh. Variola minor is not a small violin, its a Smallpox virus and I doubt the OP found a sample or he wood be dead by now. I reckon the $29.99 I spent on a Medicinae... (view)
Sat 3 Oct, 2020 01:56 pm - Take me down to the paradise city... Tzar your retort sure am witty. To identify or eliminate either/or. I suggest for the former we ask a Trump supporter and for the latter, encourage the... (view)
Sat 3 Oct, 2020 01:50 pm - Please accept my sincere condolences Jespah, for I know how much that red rosette meant to you. I am sure the interjection by the one named Eke didn't disappoint by want of merit. Even... (view)
Sat 3 Oct, 2020 01:46 pm - Oh my Lady, I feel like Oliver Mellors besotted by your soliloquy of a smorgasbord of lexicon delights. I resemble those remarks and will add your résumé of my attributes to my... (view)
Fri 2 Oct, 2020 01:29 pm - I most sincerely apologize if I may have misquoted you, as I was winding up my Edison phonograph at the time. However I distinctly remember the first syllable being 'suck', so I naturally... (view)
Fri 2 Oct, 2020 01:21 pm - Congratulations on having such an impressive and proud heritage as nothing could stand in the way of the Anglo-Saxons and their special unit called Household troops who were far superior to the... (view)
Thu 1 Oct, 2020 02:20 pm - Walter, let us not forget that the British are the original Saxons, a Germanic tribe which also included other neighboring groups in the region such as the Angles and jutes, and all these groups... (view)
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