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Reply Mon 28 Jul, 2003 09:07 am
I just found a cache of songs I wrote years ago, and at Letty's bequest, I am making an attempt to post some original writing in this forum, despite my shyness Embarrassed I look back and think that most of it is maudlin and/or dour, the stuff of younger men than I, even at the tender age of 32. However, once in a while, I did show a sense of humour, so here is an offering that has remained relevant, even prophetic, in my current life:


I'd give a penny for your thoughts my dear, but a penny is too much I fear,
for there's nothing in my pockets but a photograph of you.
If you sit there looking pensive I might get a bit defensive
wondering exactly what I've done to you this time.

I know that you get quite dismayed, perusing bills that can't be paid,
and trying to calculate what day foreclosure's going to come,
but there's one thing that I'd like to say, my love for you grows every day
in opposite proportion to my bank account's decline.

So if riches aren't the answer to our problems,
and if love has seen us through much harder times,
what the hell are we doing sitting here renewing
the fourteenth mortgage on the dreams we shared?

I know that in the last few years we've been forced to suffer our worst fears,
but certainly an empty wallet beats and empty heart?
We've always had each other, and I've never loved another,
and that's the only consolation that my poverty allows.


Some say that two can live on love and water alone
but they turned the water off when they reposessed our phone.
They say that at the end of every tunnel there's a light,
but since the electricity went out, things haven't looked so bright

I had only good intentions even though I never mentioned
I could barely feed myself, let alone support you too.
So I hope there's no hard feelings, hope it doesn't send you reeling
when you read our anxious creditor's latest threats to sue.


All original songs welcome!
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 08:49 am
Oh, my Gawd, Cav. I love it! Here's one that three of us wrote some years back as a challenge. The challenge was: Betcha can't write a song in ten minutes. Well, we did:

Don't Get Above Your Raisin'

I seen you walking down the street,
Highheel shoes upon your feet,
Round your neck you wear a fur of mink.
Diamonds on a dress of red,
Fancy hat upon your head,
Now listen and I'll tell you what I think.

Don't get above your raisin'
Don't get above your raisin'
Don't get above your raisin' nosiree
You was raised on turnip greens
Cornbread and butter beans
Just the same as me.

You drive a lemo black as jet,
You got a poodle named Suzette.
They say you call the Rockefellers pals,
Well when you raise your glass to drink,
Just go back a few years and think,
How ya got up with the sun to milk the cows.

(repeat Chorus)

Remember when we use to date,
I thought you'd be the perfect mate,
I loved you more than you will ever know.
Now you're so hifalutin'
Ain't even worth a-shootin'
And don't forget one day, I told 'ya so.

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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 11:09 am
I think that is quite the accomplishment for 10 minutes Very Happy Funny how so many songs revolve around partners, or ex-partners, or people you want to be your partner....I blame medieval poets and bards for pushing the courtly love thing on society. Anyway, while we are on the subject, here is another from the archives:


Stephanie got married on a cold November morn,
and I reread the letters she had sent me years before.
I blessed her for her happiness, and wished her all the best,
but held her just a bit too long in my congratulations.

So here's to her good husband and the power of attraction
and the union of two seperate wills in matrimonial heaven,
I've got my piece of Stephanie in the memories that I carry,
and I never will forget the day that Stephanie got married.

I know that our history was no more than diversion
but the smell of Easter lilies can still drive me to distraction.
Sometimes I miss her company and the sweet things that she said,
but she traded in her lovers for a partner instead.


I met her in a bar and we parted over drinks,
and inbetween a whirlwind romance built on something bittersweet.
Since we've gone our seperate ways I've asked myself these questions:
Was it love, was it passion, or just a boy's obsession?

So if I see you in the future sometime Stephanie, my dear,
we'll toast your new-found happiness with dirty pints of cheer.
I've counted two good blessings from the time I spent with you:
I'm glad we fell in love, but glad we never said "I do."

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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 07:08 pm
Ya, know, Cav. I had a song already to post, but then I realized it was a little bit too real. You have the touch of dismissal that only the courage of youth seems privy to. and I have to love the fact that you love that Stephanie got married. Smile
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 08:24 pm
Your songs show a great deal of talent.
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 08:37 pm
Thanks, both of you...Letty, please, post away. I haven't even scraped the surface of the truly bitter, real stuff yet....Edgar, you too, I love your writing, and maybe we can expand the thread to include musical or lyric poetry as well. Yes? It is nice to share...cooking and words have always been my only strong suits...there are many many days I wish it were accounting Confused
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 08:50 pm
I didn't write many songs. Most now seem silly. One of my first has a familiar theme. No copy exists, and I have a faulty memory. I wrote it, then sent it to a mail order house to get set to music. I had no idea they would also change the lyrics. This all I recall of the original:


Once upon a moonlit night all sad and dreary
I sat alone with my horn all weak and weary
I heard a tapping gentle rapping so rythmic sounding
Heard this tapping outside my chamber door
(Then something about Gabriel playing a blues I had never heard before)

The music company came up with this, all on a demo record, with sheet music:

Last night I felt real sick and dreary
A holdin my horn so weak and weary
I heard a tapping on my door
Then Gabriel blew a blues I'd never heard before
The angel, Gabriel, and his combo on high
Played the goin away blues as I sailed through the sky
The angels trumpets rocked like thunder
They hit all the notes without a blunder
A blue song and made it wail
I knew I started puttin Earth behind my trail

A few years later, while I was in the Navy, my sisters discovered it and it became the most popular song in the lakeside neighborhood.
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 08:56 pm
I like the Poe references. The music company sanitized them, but seems like it was probably catchy. I feel that a lot of my stuff is silly too, but I shall continue to post, perhaps only to get over the insecurtiy. BTW, I love your spontaneous poems thread, as you probably know. I hope to get back into a daily submission soon.
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 09:03 pm
The spontaneous poetry sometimes leads to ideas I want to retrieve and maybe refine later on.
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Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2003 09:49 pm
My wife writes, and hopes to publish one day...she does 'morning pages' which really helps her focus. The spontaneous poems have intrigued me as something similar, that I can relate to.

I am having an e.e. cummings moment here....given a visual of the typing, going on edgar's "leads to ideas" leads = ldeas (straight line representing "I")
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 04:20 am
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 05:07 am
Something I did in the 60s, forced into it by Bob Dylan (sort of)


She stands like a memory in her tiny room
She's calm like the tide like mountains on the moon
In her every way and her face is classic hewn
She sleeps each day until noon
She sleeps like a thief her face is cold and wet
With nightmare dreams of a thought she can't forget
What is her secret I wonder where it's at
What will she pay and who's going to get it
She's nobody's baby never been a child
I don't know her tale but her nails are filed
Soft like a cat and her eyes are open wide
Don't try to grab cause she's not on your side
Who gave her a necklace and a diamond ring
Who gave his name has he taken wing
Does she ever miss him does he invade her dreams
Is she to him a forest of silent screams
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:12 am
Wow Edgar, the man himself forced you into it? Now that is a claim...I love the song, great imagery.

SealPoet, 'Snakes Eat Toast' is so cute...wish I knew the melody. Do snakes eat Taoists, I wonder?


Reast in peace Lolita, remember to save me a smile.
Come to me senorita, let your hair down and rest here a while.

Did the sun shine on me yesterday?
Was it high? Did it rain?

She said to her young companion "A dream for your troubles, my dear."
"If crimson it stained your desire, would our love still be pure and unclear?"


I hope that there's peace in your valleys tonight,
and I hope that there are diamonds in your eyes.
Sitting at home in your rocking chair
wondering if somebody might be aware
that the heart doesn't die it just breaks, and then carries on...

She said to her friend and lover "Are we jaded or just out of fire?
Are we still in love with each other, or are we just in love with desire?"


Rest your head now Lolita, may your dreams be as light as a prayer.
Close your eyes senorita, and may love never be your betrayer.

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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:14 am
Cav & seal
Good morning. I love it.
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:00 pm
This is another I wrote the same month as SHE:


People stargazing ask me why
So sure as they point at the sky
They really don't understand
But baby you're good to me
And it's different when we meet
You're a book that cannot be banned

My love for you is more than contemplation
My love for you is awash along the tide of creation

When you look with uncensored eye
A non poison that cannot lie
They have to raid the season in disguise
But you just raise up your hand
It fills up the farmer's land
They have to apologize

My love for you is more than veneration
My love for you is awash along the tide of creation

Well if some day they make you fall
Through some neurotic squall
They'll scream and celebrate it
But I'll arrive through smoke
To touch the chain that's broke
With love and liberate it

My love for you is more than a celebration
My love for you is awash along the tide of creation

You are Helen of Troy to me
You're all the good things that are free
You're cream and jelly
You make all the planets swing
And you make all the blossoms sing
You put crawfish in my belly

My love for you is more than callibration
My love for you is awash along the tide of creation
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:48 pm
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:48 pm
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 06:49 pm
(sounds so nice, I posted twice)
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 07:17 pm
Good both times.
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Reply Wed 30 Jul, 2003 07:24 pm
Thanks, Cav. I will, eventually.

Edgar and Seal...totally beautiful...

Goodnight from Florida.
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