1st Annual Able2Know Halloween Story Contest

Reply Sun 5 Oct, 2003 07:43 pm
Hi, I'm Realjohnboy. I've hung out in the Original Writing area for awhile.
It's pretty quiet.

Here is the challenge to all of you on A2K. Between now and Oct 26th, write a story, fiction I guess, of a few hundred words. It can be a ghost story but it could instead be about something else that strikes your fancy,

Have you ever written short fiction before? Please participate. -rjb-
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Reply Sun 5 Oct, 2003 07:47 pm
Sounds like fun. I'll give it a try. Should we post them here in this thread?
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Reply Sun 5 Oct, 2003 08:55 pm
Yes, it does sound fun.
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Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2003 12:00 am
So it doesn't have to be about Hallowe'en?
(We don't really DO Hallowe'en in oz...)
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Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2003 10:06 am
Does it have to be nonfiction?
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Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2003 05:18 pm
Your story can be fiction or non, Holloweenish or, if you are not into that, something else.

My thinking in proposing this challenge is:

I've met some really nice folks on this A2Know, in a wide variety of sites covering numerous topics. The diversity is amazing.

One of my interests is in the Original Writing thread. It seems to me that it would be really cool if some of the posters on other topics would take the time to step away from their keyboards, perhaps embrace a pad of paper and a pencil and...

Tell Us A Story in about 200 well-chosen words.
200 words in 20 days. That's only ten a day...but you have to select the right words and put them in order.

If any of y'all are cozy with other A2K'ers, please invite them to join. This project may die aborning, but I'm amused by the concept.

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Joe Nation
Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2003 06:50 pm
Things we might have overheard on the White House tour.

"How the hell do they run a country without Halloween? It must be some kinda backward place not to have Halloween. It's a joke, right? Like next you'll tell that they don't have Thanksgiving or the goddammed Fourth of July......hoo hooo, yeah, that's rich... and next week they won't celebrate Columbus Day!! yuk yuk yuk..."

Uh, Mr President, Let me explain.... would someone close that door, please.....
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Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2003 10:01 pm
Oh geez. I hope nobody tells him they don't have Presidents Day, either.
He'll have a fit.
Reply Thu 14 Aug, 2014 12:16 am
Can i post the story here or i have to mail to our webmaster ?
let me try my level best in writing .
Reply Thu 14 Aug, 2014 12:22 am
You could, but it would be much better to start your own discussion.
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Reply Thu 14 Aug, 2014 08:31 am
Click on the words Start a Discussion at the bottom of the page in the dark blue band.
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