Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 04:50 am
What does "bootstrapping " mean?

and "sandbagging"

we hear these all the time on american tv shows but what do they mean?
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Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 05:37 am
Re: Americanisms
kev wrote:
What does "bootstrapping " mean?

and "sandbagging"

we hear these all the time on american tv shows but what do they mean?


accomplishing by oneself, doing without the help of others (from pulling oneself up by one's own bootstraps)

• Sandbagging

Sandbagging is the practice of deceptively portraying oneself as being in a weaker position than is true.
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Joe Nation
Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 05:39 am
pull oneself up by one's bootstraps
From Wiktionary

Verb phrase
to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps

(idiomatic) To begin an enterprise or recover from a setback without any outside help; to succeed only on one's own effort or abilities.

We can't get a loan, so we'll just have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

Old Joke:
Telegram to General from Captain in the field:

Urgent Need for All Ammo, Rations, Uniforms. Send Now


Limited Supplies on hand. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.


Understood. Send Bootstraps.


Sandbagging is more complex. A sandbagger is someone who holds something back in reserve until it's needed then, usually as a surprise reveals his strength. As in:

Those suckers! They sat back, sandbagging in the pack, until the final five miles, then they zoomed out of the peleton to take it all, First, Second and Third.

There is also the sense that a sandbagger is lagging back as if he is carrying some extra load and that where it crosses into the business world.
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Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 05:39 am
bootstrap-To promote and develop by use of one's own initiative and work without reliance on outside help: "We've bootstrapped our way back with aggressive tourism and recruiting high tech industries"

To treat severely or unjustly.
To force by crude means; coerce: sandbagged us into cleaning up their mess.
To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in a game or activity in order to deceive (someone), especially in gambling: sandbagged the pool player by playing poorly in the first game when stakes were low.
v.intr. Slang.
To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in order to deceive someone, especially in gambling.

From Wikipedia-

In games and adversarial settings, to "sandbag" is to intentionally understate one's strength, with the intention of deceiving one's opponents into overreaching. The sandbagger can then reveal a hidden strength to take the opponent by surprise.

The usage has been noted in Demolition Derby,when drivers refuse to be aggressive and/or pretend to have mechanical problems until the last two or three cars are running then their car will start running just fine and/or they become more aggressive; poker, in which a player with a strong hand bets small amounts to convince opponents to stay in the game, and in golf, where a "sandbagger" is someone who misrepresents his handicap to gain an advantage over other players.

Similarly, "sandbagging" is also regularly used in law to refer to the process of concealing winning arguments for as long as possible, to prevent the opposing attorney from preparing effectively to counter them. Rules of evidence and procedure often require early disclosure of certain kinds of arguments to prevent unfair sandbagging.
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Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 11:57 am
Thank you all for a very complete explanation, I can now watch Law and Order and know what they are talking about Very Happy
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Joe Nation
Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 07:23 pm
Well, I hope you get to see the ones with Jerry Orbach playing Lenny Brisco.

What a great actor. http://msnbcmedia2.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/041229/041229_orbach_hmed_8a.h2.jpg

What a great actor.

When Mr. Orbach becomes Lenny the speech of the American street flows. Be especially mindful during the scenes went the perp attempts to explain himself.

Lenny, (he has heard it all before), takes a beat before saying

"You're breaking my heart."

The cop on the street loves Lenny.

He does such a good job of showing just how tough a job it is to be a New York City Cop on the Street.
Taut. Uptight. Just Right. Goodnight.
Get a collar is less important than getting the right collar. No ****.

Joe(I eat lunch most days with guys who are Lenny Brisco)Nation
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Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2006 10:13 pm
Tragedy he died last year, he will be missed by millions Crying or Very sad
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