Mel Gibson, holocaust denier.

Sun 23 May, 2004 04:34 pm
Re: We ALL killed Christ...
soluki wrote:
Every one of us is a sinner, and He came that we might live.

PS: The Jews were not the only ones persecuted in Nazi Germany. Many Catholics were also killed. Exclamation

Yes, but no group had been targeted to be EXTERMINATED by a cold cruel and CALCULATED Plan of an Industry of DEATH.
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Sun 23 May, 2004 04:43 pm
InfraBlue wrote:

But surely, Hoffman's off-handedly dismissable as a mere self-hating Jew.

What "jew"?
Is German Nazi LIAR On the great Talmud, known and EXPOSED!
The Lies & Misquotation on the Great Talmud, have long been revealed!

"Do not do onto others which you dislike ".(Talmud - Shabbat).

"Accept-receive all human beings with a smile and a happy face." (Talmud -Avot).

"Refrain from judging a fellow human being until you reach his exact place in time and surrounding situation." [almost impossible, so Don't Judge!]. [Talmud Avot)

"One that adds to the truth, takes really off of it." (Talmud)

See: Talmud -Peace! and The Lies on the Great Holy Beautiful Talmud Exposed!! rebuffed.
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