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New Haven
Reply Wed 21 May, 2003 02:53 pm
Hernia repair:

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Reply Sat 31 May, 2003 07:47 am
"kugel" a non-dairy noodle dish.

Not to be confused with "kugeli" a grated potato, egg, and bacon grease dish.

No need to bite the bullet on either dish.

Have a "ball"

I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.
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Merry Andrew
Reply Sun 1 Jun, 2003 10:21 am
Haven't read all the posts on this thread, so perhaps this post is duplicating something that's already been said. If so, I apologize in advance.

Steissd, it's not really unusual that in German and Hebrew both the word for 'ball' and 'bullet' would be identical. In English, early ammunition was always referred to as a ball. The first firearms -- whether cannon or long gun or sidearm -- all shot 'rounds' (a word still in use), i.e. balls of metal. As the design of firearms became more and more sophisticated, 'rounds' stopped being round. They became conical-shaped. In english, a new word was devised -- bullet. Not so in many other languages.

Today, only muzzle-loaders fire 'balls' and are referred to as 'cap-and-ball' firearms, using black powder for ignition.
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2003 03:10 pm
I looooooove being Jewish! =p
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