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S0z, I think you are freaking.
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sozobe wrote:

OK thanks.

My grandma had true coke-bottle glasses that made her eyes look teeny-tiny. I think both my parents have worse vision than I do, too. E.G.'s side has pretty good eyesight though. Sorry for the bad eye genes honey. (Actually we had already wondered where she got her eyes, they're freakishly huge, bigger than ours or anyone we can think of for a couple of generations. Noddy noted that those kinds of eyes tend to be myopic [when she saw a picture of sozlet] well before there were any problems.)

Really high index plastic stops the thickness....but of course my eyes (which are my best feature) look way smaller than they are.

But coke bottles are a thing of the past. Glass can be made even thinner...but at these prescriptions is too heavy.

I lower the glasses to give good hairy eyeballs and to show how big they really are.

BTW...neither my dad or mum had eyes remotely as bad as mine.

I dream of saving up for eye surgery.
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Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 07:28 pm
Cool, thanks.

Thanks to all who shared your current eyesight and how it affects you (or lack thereof). This is about what I expected but reassuring anyway.
Reply Sat 22 Jan, 2011 08:32 am
Re: contacts and the connection to stabilizing correction-It was probably a coincidence. I think most people's eye sight stabilize when they become adults. I agree with all who have commented that since contact lenses have improved so much, I don't feel that my style is cramped.

Sozlet may or may not go down the same path I went down. These days she has many more options than I did back in the 50's and 60's.
Reply Sat 22 Jan, 2011 08:03 pm
Your style was certainly uncramped when I met you!

I followed up with the optometrist re: the study, it was actually that hard contacts seemed to have an effect, but if you stopped wearing them then the eye just quickly caught up to pretty much whatever correction it was heading for.

The optometrist also confirmed that it's closely tied to growth -- vision tends to stop deteriorating when you stop growing. (Though it can continue to deteriorate after you stop growing, too.) Sozlet's got plenty of growing left to do so this is probably going to progress for a while. Ah well. I'm less concerned about that now, thanks again. Yay technology.
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The versatile invalid has a new diagnosis -- Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Sounds ominous but not really that bad.


She's had persistent knee issues since soccer started in August, went to the doc today and got this diagnosis. The good news is that there do not seem to be any permanent ill effects (except for possible lumpy knees, which E.G. has). (He had Osgood-Schlatter too.) Bad news is that the pain is likely to last until she's stopped growing... oy.
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Reply Wed 21 Sep, 2011 10:02 am


I was actually a little relieved right at first -- nobody was really taking her knee pain seriously (there wasn't a specific injury that caused it), and so it was kind of nice to be able to tell the coaches, see, she has a DISEASE, with a fancy Anglo-Germanic name and everything.

But it's really pretty sucky. She's very, very active, and she doesn't do well when she needs to cut back on the activity. Doesn't focus as well, moodier. And it looks like the only "cure" is to rest her knees. (Although that's not actually recommended either, as lack of muscle tone can make the problem worse in general.)

We'll be seeing a sports doc and will be doing PT and can probably look into things like swimming that don't stress the knee as much.

And it's not permanent. That's huge.

But the next three years or so are pretty big in terms of sports. Aside from the activity component per se, there is staying with her peers so she can play on middle school and high school teams, and the whole social aspect.

She's currently one of the top five or ten female athletes in her grade (and one of the very few who is at the top in three different sports at once), and I'd really hate to see her lose that.

I mentioned something about it on Facebook and a friend of mine whose son plays soccer at an elite level says that his son was just diagnosed too, and with stretching and PT is managing it pretty well. So it might end up not being a huge deal. Fingers crossed.
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