The Story of Prometheus (The First Royal Family of America: Coolidge)

Wed 6 Sep, 2023 02:29 am
Bail bondsmen, claim to be bounty hunters, Iberian Prehistorics.

We don't mind.

"Pot", is a communal ceremony, where African-Jews, dispose of cannabis, as currency, to close a deal, by removing a farm stock from circulation, to create new land between families, a plantation.

However, "high", is from 30,000 BC; Samhains, Prometheans, eating pot, to keep their teeth intact, eating cooked meat, instead of raw; black firewood, without tinder, fuel, or electricity, mixed with ground cannabis, rubbing it on the upper row of the teeth.

Now, you have coins, "the underworld".

In 1902, the Namibian genocide was at its height, by German-Swedes, seeking diamonds and isotopes for weapons.

The Donalban, a Puerto Rican O'Neill, the Samhain, invented money laundering, from beneath the Shah, Warren Harding.

Marijuana, was made illegal, in his Governorship, Massachusetts, 1919, from the loss of funds.

The "black market", took over; the "underworld", vampires, the High Senate.

The High Senate of Rome, returned, the Black Parliaments of Queen Victoria, and her Jews, the Arab doctors, came to return since their time, and "Bootsy" came back to lead; John Wilkes Booth, the Wildcard, the traded spy. Sex Machine.

When President Warren Harding died in office, the Donalban was at his father's house, in Vermont.

His father, an esquire, a notary, swore him in as President, under candlelight.

Coolidge, then sent a telegram, ordering the "cent" removed, and replaced with a decimel.

Wage Protection.

Badging Alphonse Capone, came later.
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Wed 6 Sep, 2023 03:00 am
Completed Hunts (Damn-Yankee):

German Foreign Deputies (Miramax), Likud (German Spies in Israel), Russian Titoists (Hanscom Essex County), Fenian Small Business (Arab Canada), Shah's Writer's Fraud (Medici DARE), York Pogrom (Philip J. Morris NSA), French Fox News (ExSec Sarkozy), Home Depot anti-China (Lutheran Turkey), Japanese Warerra (Weasels Dynastic Crown Prince George), White's Parlor (Sales of Comics to Civilians), Miles Morales (American History X, counter-Nazi), Fourth Coin (Comedy Central, Northrup Grumman), Takedown of JK Rowling (The Last Witch Hunter), Tomb Spider (Piter De Vries Reclaims His Honor as an American), Solomon's Knot (Phillistine Sperm Fast)
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