Any suggestion on how to ENERGIZE younger people to vote?

Reply Fri 15 Mar, 2024 08:32 am
@Real Music,
Focus on issues that matter to them, use social media to spread awareness, simplify the voting process, and emphasize the impact of their voice in shaping the future. Highlighting historical youth movements and fostering a sense of community can also inspire participation.
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Reply Fri 15 Mar, 2024 08:45 am
Just need to give them a choice between candidates who've maintained their honesty and integrity. Someone with some good character traits; not like the two guys they're pushing.
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Reply Fri 15 Mar, 2024 12:36 pm
"Any suggestion on how to ENERGIZE younger people to vote?"

Have American children born after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 been as heavily, dualisticly indoctrinated with anti-communism as children had been during the cold war?

If not, then the young people should not be as easily influenced by Trump's dualism as the older people are. Still, the problem exists in getting them motivated enough to go out and vote.
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Real Music
Reply Tue 9 Apr, 2024 01:03 am
Rachel Maddow looks at the litany of Republican policies that are unpopular, in some cases wildly unpopular, with American voters and notes the stark contrast between those policies and the extremely popular initiatives President Joe Biden is pursuing, including eliminating student loan debt for as many Americans as possible.

Published April 8, 2024

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From Opium
Reply Tue 9 Apr, 2024 02:01 am
Hold up a photo of Donald Trump is enough to incentivize them. The result of not voting is that you end up getting a leader who is the village idiot.
“This is your brain on drugs!”

I mean literally. You guys are confused.
Delicious and unimaginable!

*Nor seeing bumblebee transform into whatever yellow stupid car in video games! I loved the graphics in F-zero. Intangibles. Lots more at stake. Lots more at stake.
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Real Music
Reply Fri 19 Apr, 2024 09:05 pm
Biden is leading among younger voters in new polling.

President Biden is leading among younger voters in a new Harvard Youth Poll. Younger voters also overwhelmingly support ceasefire in Gaza. Director of Polling at the Institute of Politics at Harvard, John Della Volpe, joins Morning Joe to discuss.

Published April 18, 2024

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