whats the disadvantage of going incognito

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I tried incognito and its musch fast however thers no history so other than that whats the advantage?
Reply Fri 9 Jun, 2023 11:56 am
We use it in marketing and SEO all the time, to make sure that what we're seeing (in search, on a website, etc.) is what other people who don't have the same cookies as us are seeing.
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Reply Fri 9 Jun, 2023 02:05 pm
Sometimes it will enable you to get through a paywall.
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Reply Fri 9 Jun, 2023 05:17 pm
Well your information is still being collected but not saved on the device while in the mode, so if another application or webpage lookup the information it will not be there. Like using a strangers computer and leaving behind no information despite information has been exchanged.

You should avoid FANG



When you can, at all costs. Basically collecting information about your device and usage data. As "O. Winfrey magazine" put it "you do not have to worry about anti-privacy unless you view _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ". She just discriminated the purpose of ever normal straight man who has ever browsed the internet or searched via other means. Monsters like this who predates Social-media, via public-opinion. When you see a woman of African-decent put the KKK on television you know something is wrong with this world.

Take news-grounds for instance. One hand it looks innocent like an art website for animation enthusiasts but on the other hand the founders, moderators, and users are pro Zionist Israelis and do not "work". Granted you will meet some nice programmers and talents from around the globe. But then you go "I knew there was something strange about that cartoon tank". The amount of trackers on this web-site is amazing.

Facebook has caused so many new anti-privacy laws to be erected to even getting people arrested, lost of employment, and inability of people to freely use the web. Then you discover the founder of Facebook mother is a law-major ( she is legally a lawyer ). He programmed the website but she encouraged the various usage of it. One of the few things some officers in the past have asked me indirectly is for my facebook ( which I do not have and never will ).

Back to google anti-privacy. Linked-in got hacked multiple times in the past.
Linked-in where tons of people dump private information about themselves just to gain employment. One time I was a google mail user and I got fake linked-in request from my college professors. Apparently they did not send anything to me. That was when I stop using google, I remove myself from google entirely and when I do use google I would go to somewhere else to use google. Like another planet.

Again with google I had an account for my dad, and he never used it. I checked it out later on and found it was hacked and somebody was using it to order stuff from other nations pretending they were from one place but was far from that location. These people even had photos of themselves in the account saved. I wonder how they felt when I changed the account and all the access information. Along with every other account linked to that account.

Google is not safe
Google is not private
Google is not you friend

Google is meant for a person example below.

That is who google, Android, and so forth is meant for. Android is linux and google is just free 3d, free MS-works, and free just about everything else you could imagine.

You have nothing to lose and is so uneducated about technology then you might as well use these free services.
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