What is the best way to enable my two routers (total of five Wi-Fi networks)?

Reply Sat 2 Jan, 2021 05:51 pm

I live in in a big house in an isolated rural location. I have a TP Link AC4000 (two guest networks one @ 2.4 GHz & one @ 5Hz) and a Asus RT-AC68U (one guest network @ either 2.4GHz or 5GHz). That should give me a total of five separate SSID's, right?

As of now, I am only using my Asus RT-AC68U, with one of networks dedicated to my me and my wife, and the other for my basement suite tenant. Everything works really well and has for some years, and AFAICT there are no security, bandwidth, interference issues. I want to add some home security Wi-Fi cameras (and maybe smart plugs) and I want to further isolate my computers from my wife and tenant for increased Internet security. Here is how I was thinking of doing it:

Asus RT-AC68U
1. Basement suite tenant: main network
2. Wi-Fi cameras (and maybe smart plugs): guest network

TP Link AC4000
1. My computers: main network
2. Wife's computers: guest network #1
3. Business computers: guest network #2

Is this the best way to configure everything, will I have interference between the two routers, what should I set the GHz at for each of the five networks, can I place the two routers close to each other, will I even be able to use 5GHz or is everything likely to run at 2.5 GHz only, etc?

Much obliged!
Reply Sun 3 Jan, 2021 07:37 am
If everything is working well now, it should continue without interference. I use a phone app (wifi analyzer) to monitor signal strength around the house. It shows you what channels everything is on as well so you can force channels if you think that is necessary. Usually putting different routers at least four channels apart is fine. That said, I think you are overthinking this. If a hacker gets into your router, they will have all networks on that router. You would probably do better to put a VPN on the computers you have concerns over to scramble the traffic and put a strong password on the routers.
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