Why did my crush do this to me?

Reply Wed 24 May, 2023 02:47 pm
He showed interest in me first, flirted, went to many events I went to and suggested that we go out regularly but nothing happened, I said yes to it and I reciprocated flirting but sometimes I ignored him because I was shy. Then I got really angry and started treating him like air because I thought he played me as he never suggested a day/time. He tried to talk to me but I ignored because I was 100% sure he was just joking with me. Then, during no contact on holidays, he was writing some stuff on his social media to never trust people and about people regretting only when they lose someone. I think it may have been about me as it was posted on my birthday.

After a few months of no contact I asked him out multiple times. He didn't reply when I asked him out but he was trying to get my attention again. Then he was texting me first everyday regularly, and all the time, for months but didn't go out with me when I asked again. He suggested via text to meet in a group with me and my other female friend (he wasn't flirting with her but me) but I said I wanted only the two of us. Then nothing.

Finally I got pissed again and told him I have no more precious time to waste because he's indecisive so we either hang out or he can go waste another girl's time. Now he treats me bad, started pursuing another girl, is mean to me and he laughed at me when I apologized for saying it. He smiles at me and then goes to hang out with her and flirts with her right in front of me. After I apologized for what I said out of anger he told me I'm making things worse and told me to enjoy my life and not waste any precious time. Did I really overreact? I had a reason to be pissed at him. I texted that he doesn't want to consider my point of view (asking him out many times and him doing nothing) and he replied 'you don't know what others are dealing with either'. I explained to him why I ignored him in the past, I told him I said it out of anger, I admitted I felt played by him in the past and asked why he even flirted with me in the first place. He told me I was insane and that he didn't know what I was talking about. He added that he doesn't feel any negativity towards me and never did. Then why would he be so mean? In general he was often manipulative, for example denying things that happened, like him denying ever running away from me irl which he was clearly doing. He perfectly knew what he was doing which was stringing me along by mentioning hanging out but not doing it. He didn't hang out with that girl and her friends until I sent that text about wasting someone's time. He straight up friendzoned me when I asked in real life why he did it. Now we've stopped even looking at each other. Why has he been so cruel to me? Why is he going after her now? He was doing the same with me at the beginning. I keep blaming myself. Was this really my fault or was he playing me from the beginning? Was he ever interested at all? I'm finding it very difficult to get over it because I keep thinking it's my fault.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 25 May, 2023 08:21 am
You ended it, be glad you did.
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