can’t forget my ex-girlfriend for years

Reply Mon 13 Feb, 2023 06:17 pm
broke up because of me 5 years ago and then she suffered for me for another 3 years, but I was a stupid idiot to understand that I was avoiding her because of the fear of relationships, and not because I have no feelings. I realized that I still have feelings when she finally stepped over the past and seems to have started a new relationship. probably I will never dare to write to her, even though we have been following each other all this time, because I feel a lot of guilt for the suffering that I caused her as a stupid teenager. I feel like I can't get over these feelings and start new ones because I constantly compare potential partners with her and understand that she was perfect for me. I understand intellectually that i just need to let go and draw the right conclusions, take it as a life experience as NOT to do. How to forget her or what would you advise to do in such a situation?
Reply Tue 14 Feb, 2023 09:13 am
Consult a therapist for a couple of sessions of talk therapy. Continue with that if it seems to help.
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Reply Wed 15 Feb, 2023 05:49 pm
Call her to talk with her, have dinner with her, etc. Tell her how you feel, and so forth. You could get along with her and all then leave it as that. Just as long as she is not in a relationship ( business or intimate ) it could be okay.
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Reply Fri 17 Feb, 2023 06:38 am
Well, it seems to me that you should just write to her, just ask her how she is, and then move the dialogue to the topic that interests you. Apologize to her that you made mistakes in the past, I think she will understand and forgive you. I assure you that you will feel better, as I myself did so.
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Reply Fri 17 Feb, 2023 08:23 am
I dunno Kate, sounds like seller's remorse to me.

I’d recommend evaluating what it is about her that you actually like/love.
You may find there is nothing real there.

A lot of us are guilty of seeing what we want to see instead of what’s actually there. It helps a lot when you know that.
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Reply Wed 8 Mar, 2023 03:34 am
Go to therapy.
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Reply Thu 9 Mar, 2023 05:06 pm
Kate, right? Kate, why is the 3 year thing all over the world? It is like when did that happen? Three years ago. What is your name? Three years ago.

Tell me.
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